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Pam Didner - The Intersection of Global Content Marketing & E-mail Campaigns

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Pam Didner - The Intersection of Global Content Marketing & E-mail Campaigns

  1. 1. @PamDidner The Intersection of Global Content Marketing and E-mail Campaigns @PamDidner Author of Global Content Marketing
  2. 2. @PamDidner When we think about content and e-mail marketing
  3. 3. @PamDidner We dive into what types of content works for e-mail marketing
  4. 4. @PamDidner Think about the relationship of content marketing and e-mail marketing differently
  5. 5. @PamDidner For today… •  Macro: Better integration of content and email marketing strategically •  Micro: The intricacies of content and e-mail •  Global: In an internal sense…
  6. 6. @PamDidner Not covered •  Tips on how to create compelling content for e- mail marketing •  10 best content formats for email marketing globally •  Repurposing and localizing content to scale content across regions
  7. 7. @PamDidner Hi, @PamDidner here
  8. 8. @PamDidner Corporate MKT Professional
  9. 9. @PamDidner I had some ideas. Image:  h)p://thebullbustercafe.com/todays-­‐lie-­‐your-­‐thoughts-­‐have-­‐no-­‐power/  
  10. 10. @PamDidner Check Out Globalcontent.marketing For e-mail updates & free content Available at:
  11. 11. @PamDidner The 4 P’s of the Global Content Marketing Cycle P Produce P Plan PPerfect P Promote
  12. 12. @PamDidner Source:  Lego  Movie   Enjoy the presentation!
  13. 13. @PamDidner Content marketing or Email marketing, who takes the lead?
  14. 14. @PamDidner Two schools: •  Content marketing is part of email marketing •  Email marketing is part of content marketing
  15. 15. @PamDidner The reality is Not clear cut…
  16. 16. @PamDidner Depends on the company… •  Organization structure •  Marketing channels •  Budget allocation •  Management preference •  Your roles
  17. 17. @PamDidner Understand how content and e- mail marketing intertwine in your company
  18. 18. @PamDidner Understand internally •  Who’s who •  Who takes the lead •  Who does what
  19. 19. @PamDidner Start with commonalties
  20. 20. @PamDidner Challenges of email marketers •  Pressure to generate leads/subscribers •  Constantly searching for content within a company to meet email campaign deadlines •  Lack of content creation budget or resource to create e-mail specific content •  Lack of proper integrated support from other channels and peers
  21. 21. @PamDidner Challenges of content marketers •  Pressure to show the impact of content •  Constantly searching for appropriate content placement within a company •  Lack of content creation budget or resource to create content •  Lack of proper integrated support from other channels and peers
  22. 22. @PamDidner Commonality: Similar Challenges
  23. 23. @PamDidner Build co-ownership of goals and strategies through the same challenges
  24. 24. @PamDidner Co-ownership of goals •  Audiences •  Costs •  Revenue
  25. 25. @PamDidner Examples of goals •  E-mail subscribers, qualified leads or community members •  Cost per e-mail opening, cost per content click •  E-mail contribution to paid webinar or training
  26. 26. @PamDidner •  Understand how your company’s marketing works •  Find out who owns budget and headcount •  Build common goals through commonalities or mutually-agreed strategies
  27. 27. @PamDidner Content is King
  28. 28. @PamDidner Design, layout, copy and images all play critical roles
  29. 29. @PamDidner Content complements e- mail template
  30. 30. @PamDidner E-mail template complements content
  31. 31. @PamDidner •  Content determines which templates to use •  Create several e-mail templates to tailor audiences’ content consumption needs •  Design, copy and images MATTER
  32. 32. @PamDidner “Global” from client’s perspective
  33. 33. @PamDidner Global in an internal sense Headquarters Work together to plan / execute content marketing Local or Region
  34. 34. @PamDidner Headquarters vs. Local who takes the lead?
  35. 35. @PamDidner Headquarters •  Establish tools such as marketing automation, email database management and customer relationship management •  Set up branding and creative guidelines and framework •  Create content
  36. 36. @PamDidner Locals •  Create and localize content •  Lead and manage e-mail campaigns •  Inform Headquarters of their successes, needs and failures
  37. 37. @PamDidner The intersections are •  Think strategically about how to better integrate content marketing and email marketing •  Focus on optimizing content and e-mail design •  Collaboration between headquarters and locals
  38. 38. @PamDidner Contact Pam Help companies find balance between HQ and its local teams •  Content Marketing Consulting •  Strategy and Planning Workshop •  Content Marketing Implementation 503-610-8009 pam@didner.com