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ILM World of Learning: Coaching to embed learning & unleash a collaborative culture

  1. Coaching to embed learning & unleash a collaborative culture Kate Cooper MBA, BSc, MEd, FInstLM Senior Advisor: Leadership & Management Development Institute of Leadership & Management 1st October 2014
  2. Who is ILM?
  3. Our vision Social and economic prosperity achieved through excellence in leadership and management We unleash leadership and management talent.
  4. Background Coaching has grown to become a multimillion business (Western, 2012) $1.5bn to $2bn from 2007 to 2012 (PwC) 47,500 coaches (IFC) A professional field is emerging from what Sherman and Freas in 2004 characterised as… “The Wild West of Executive Coaching”
  5. What is coaching? “definitions of coaching vary…a collaborative relationship formed between coach and coachee for the purpose of attaining professional or personal development outcomes which are valued by the coachee..” Grant et al (2010) “Coaching is the art of facilitating another person’s learning, development and performance. Through coaching, people are able to find their own solutions, develop their own skills and change their own behaviours and attitudes.” (ILM, Worth Consulting, 2013. p. 2).
  6. Why coaching? Challenging times for the leadership and management of organisations …
  7. Coaching improves
  8. Our research ILM carried out a survey of L&D managers at 250 large UK organisations and found that 80% had or were using coaching. 8 80%
  9. Does it work? 95% say coaching benefits the organisation 96% say coaching benefits the individual 95% 96%
  10. How do we know it works ? By 2003, there had been only131 peer-reviewed studies published since 1937. Of these, just 56 were empirical, and few met standards of reliable methodology. (Grant, 2004)
  11. So why do organisations use coaching? A recent ILM survey identified the top reasons organisations used coaching. The top listed were: » Individual and professional progression 53% » To improve specific areas of performance 26% » As part of a wider management or leadership programme 21% » To provide development for senior management 19% » To enable progression within an organisation 12% » To support achievement of specific objectives or aims 12%
  12. Middle managers hold the key to closing the disconnect between directors and those managing frontline staff CEO Senior managers Middle managers First line managers Source: Added Values: The importance of ethical leadership, ILM Report June 2013 The leadership and management talent pipeline, ILM Report, August 2012 12 Important to develop first line managers they receive the least training but have the greatest need of support Target development at all levels not just at the top Develop leaders at all levels Who should you coach?
  13. Coaching encourages collaboration
  14. Features of a coaching conversation • Coach listens a lot more than talks • Are all about the coachee, the coaches own views and opinions are not part of a coaching conversation • A willingness to see the world from where the coachee is looking at it • Convey a belief that the coachee is talented and capable • Encourage action, ask what the coachee is going to do • Do not disempower the coachee • Encourage aspirations and ambitions. • Comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty and not knowing
  15. Coaching embeds learning
  16. Good coaches need training too
  17. Measure effectiveness
  18. Measures 1. 2. 3. 4. Self Assessment • Time related actions, fewer, shorter meetings, • Feelings, • Confidence Colleagues • 360 feedback • Apprasials • Informal feedback Coach • Comparison with agreed outcomes • Expert assessment Performance Measures • Meeting own targets • Team performance • HR measures
  19. In summary… To ensure your organisation is equipped for the future: » Use coaching to improve skills , flexibility relationships and increase confidence » Coaching supports cultural transformation » Make every conversation a coaching conversation » Coach at all levels » Train your coaches » Measure success 19
  20. Thank you For more information visit our website @ILM_UK institute-of-leadership-and-management-ilm 20