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Webinar: The vulnerability challenge - Presentation slides

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, this webinar explored how financial services firms and advisers have responded to the crisis and what more can be done to support vulnerable consumers in these challenging times, from preventing pension scams to managing money and giving advice to those who need it most.

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Webinar: The vulnerability challenge - Presentation slides

  1. 1. The vulnerability challenge: Supporting vulnerable consumers’ financial wellbeing in the coronavirus Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  2. 2. Partners Programme Be part of what happens next Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  3. 3. Welcome and introduction Nigel Waterson, ILC Trustee Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  4. 4. Grant Hughes Director of Advice, Legal & General Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  5. 5. LGFA Supporting Our Vulnerable Customers
  6. 6. Confidential Quickly identify where we are against our ambition and where we want to invest to improve our vulnerable customer experience Be able to recognise signs of customer vulnerability and know what action can be taken through our principles and considerations Utilise existing and external consultancy training to optimise the vulnerable customer Flexible approach using a combination of highly trained people supported by innovative technology Strategy & Vision Brand and Partnership Product and Services People and Culture Processes and Technology Data, Analytics and Quality Assurance Our approach to vulnerability We have benchmarked ourselves in order to; 6
  7. 7. Confidential Health Life events ResilienceCapability Vulnerable Drivers are captured and measured via our Advice Management System so that we can seek to better understand our customer base and identify where to focus improvements to the overall journey Health only Health + Capability Health + Capability + Resilience Health + Resilience + Life Event Health + Resilience Health + Life Event Health + Capability + Resilience + Life Event Capability Only Resilience + Capability Resilience Only Resilience + Life Event Life Event Only Resilience + Life Event + Capability Life Event + Capability Health + Life Event + Capability 7 Vulnerable customer drivers
  8. 8. Karen Brolly Head of Products, Hymans Robertson Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  9. 9. 9 Key drivers of vulnerability Health Financial resilience Financial capability Life events
  10. 10. 10 Working together Collaboration – innovative ways for joint action, using wider resources Government & regulators – awareness and consistency Product providers – embedded in the firm’s culture
  11. 11. Martin Lines Business Development Director, Just Group Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  12. 12. Tish Hanifan Founder and Joint Chair, Society of Later Life Advisers Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  13. 13. Shayne Halfpenny-Ray Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, Chartered Insurance Institute Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  14. 14. Q&A Please submit your questions to panellists via the Q&A tab Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  15. 15. Closing remarks Nigel Waterson, ILC Trustee Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
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  17. 17. Future of Ageing 2020: Together for tomorrow – Delivering a better society for all generations Date: Thursday, 3 December 2020 Time: 9.00am (for 9.30am) - 5.30pm Location: Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, NW1 2BE Make the most of our early bird rate. Register at: futureofageing.org.uk Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge
  18. 18. Thank you ilcuk.org.uk @ilcuk futureofageing.org.uk Join the conversation: @ilcuk #VulnerabilityChallenge