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Iirsi poster submission

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IIRSI 2016 is focusing on to get together all the Ophthalmologists of National and International level to discuss the advancement and betterment in technology and their experience in IOL implantation and Refractive Surgery.

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Iirsi poster submission

  1. 1. IIRSI Poster Submission Poster Specifications:  All Category/ Specialty/ Posters will be accepted  Only E Posters will be displayed during the conference  Posters can be designed and uploaded in PDF or JPG format  Poster title – Any topic on Ophthalmology Who Can Submit?  Anyone who is registered for IIRSI 2016 (Member / Non-Member, PG, Ophthalmologist, Faculty, Speaker) and If you are not already registered please Register HERE How to Submit?  If you are already registered, Click HERE to create an account  Use your registration number to create an account.  Check your registration number in your email box/ also junk or spam  If you are unable to find the registration number/ login id please contact secretariat@iirsi.com  After the account is created, please use the ID/ Password sent to your registered email address to submit your Poster Can I send my Poster through courier even though it was not submitted online?  Yes you can  Kindly upload it on a pen drive and courier it to the secretariat address given below. Don't forget to mention your registration number  Please ensure that the poster is thoroughly completed with personal details, author information, aim, method, result, conclusion along with the disclosure form
  2. 2. Can I submit my Poster through Mobile App?  Yes you can submit your poster using the IIRSI mobile app. DOWNLOAD MOBILE APP HERE