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The Harvest is Plentiful, but the Workers are Few

Wojciech Zak's slides from Web Analytics Wednesday on February 26th in Copenhagen.

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The Harvest is Plentiful, but the Workers are Few

  1. 1. ?
  2. 2. How I define it: 2. Pain and Guilt 3. Anger and Bargaining 4. Depression 5. The Upward Turn 6. Reconstruction and Working Through 7. Acceptance and Hope
  3. 3. Finding hope Uncharted Areas Business First Short Term Wins Do something you haven’t tried before! Make it a business case. Find the dollar! Bring small wins in a short time!
  4. 4. Platforms Content Distribution Customer Experience Show the value
  5. 5. Platforms Content Distribution Customer Experience Data as fuel Behavior Data Commercial Data Demo Data Interest Data Channel Performance Data Recommendation Performance Data ML Recommendation Engine CMS CRM CDP Data Lake Editorial Content Advertising
  6. 6. Data as a weapon
  7. 7. Start the revolution Find allies Make a team Form an army Win
  8. 8. Evangelize WOLOLO
  9. 9. You!
  10. 10. Who are you? Hacker Hipster Hustler
  11. 11. Who are you? Hacker Builds it Hipster Pimps it Hustler Pushes it
  12. 12. Maybe you’re the unicorn? Hacker Builds it Hipster Pimps it Hustler Pushes it
  13. 13. Maybe you’re the unicorn? The 3H Man Does it • You understand the tech • Know how things work What it really takes: • You can gather and apply feedback • Listen to other stakeholders’ experience • You can push (sell) internally or out there • Can create alliances, make friends of the case
  14. 14. Reality
  15. 15. Define Your Main Mission Define Deliverables Chase Only One Rabbit At The Time PrioritizeDivide it into Quests Start from yourself
  16. 16. Find a Common Ground Show where you shine Find a Rockstar name for it Start a ProjectForm Alliances Can’t roll alone
  17. 17. Simple?
  18. 18. He who doesn’t take the risk, never drinks champagne 1. You fail – so what • Learn • Move on to the next one 2. DONE beats perfect! • Small successes count • Lots of small successes = path to a big one! 3. Work with people • Ignite their light • And let it shine Second thoughts?
  19. 19. Takeaways
  20. 20. In simple words Be the change Play your cards right Show the value
  21. 21. Thank you! Wojciech Zak wojciech.zak@aller.com linkedin.com/in/wojciech-zak/