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GDPR Impact to Analytics & Marketing

Robert Johnson's slides from Web Analytics Wednesday on February 26th in Copenhagen.

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GDPR Impact to Analytics & Marketing

  1. 1. GDPR IMPACT to ANALYTICS & MARKETING WAW - February 26, 2020
  2. 2. 01 Understanding the Basics: GDPR, Cookie Law, ITP 02 Cookie Law Impact 03 Trust and Ethics 04 The Future- Living without cookies
  3. 3. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Cookie Law ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) • To protect people on the use and storage of personal data • Datatilsynet (DK) • European Data Protection Board (EU) • ITP is a specification used in Safari (and partly Firefox) • Cookie based tracking expires quickly • Can not determine who previously visited a website or who is new • Erhvervsstyrelsen (DK) • E-Privacy Directive (EU) • Apple & Firefox • To require consent from website visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet • To protect user privacy by preventing cross-site tracking • To set the expiration time and date of cookies PRIMARY ISSUES • Requirement for consent for each purpose or technology for which data is collected • How to offer the right to retract consent • Effect to Re-marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Attribution modelling • Accept all ?, pre-ticked boxes, active consent definition GOVERNIN G AUTHORITY PURPOSE Getting an Overview: GDPR, Cookies and ITP
  4. 4. • With the exception of insurance companies at 89%, consent is about 98% • Out of 4.8 million consents provided in the last month and a half – only 2% opted out of marketing and statistics Tip • After the DMI case – this will change • Ask your digital analytics team and your cookie service provider to track marketing and analytics consent Source: Cookie Information Jan 1 – Feb 13, 2020 Miilions (-2%) 79.500 loss Necessary Statistics/ Marketing % Consent Approval Cookie Consent: What effects could we see last week? 4.81 4.73
  5. 5. Cookie Consent: What effects can we see today?
  6. 6. • Cookies are small data files that are saved on your computer or device • Data is exchanged between the website and user device • Since 2011, cookie data exchange has helped improve the website experience • Help saving passwords • Help remember items in your basket • Help to Personalize your visit Tip • Understand the data exchange and the implications it has on your business Log file (not regulated) 3rd party suppliers GDPR regulated Data Exchange Data Governance: How Cookie Law differs from GDPR
  7. 7. • As Cookie lifetime decreases – remarketing will be less effective • Advertisers need to examine remarketing activities separately • Examine the trends Tip • Test the effect of Re-Marketing on Safari Browsers and STOP using money if in-effective >10% of your marketing spend may be declining in effect Cookie Law: How does this affect re-marketing?
  8. 8. • As Cookie lifetime decreases – Programmatic will be less effective • Advertisers need to examine Programmatic activities separately • Examine the trends Tip • Test the effect of Programmatic on Safari Browsers and STOP using money if in-effective >10% of your marketing spend may be declining in effect 1,6 Billion Danish Kroner Expected Spend Where will this money go if effect drops? Cookie Law: How does this affect Programmatic?
  9. 9. • As Cookie lifetime decreases – digital only Attribution models will be less effective • Advertisers need to re-think how to perform attribution Tip • Perform attribution analysis that does not rely on cookies Cookie Law: How does this effect Attribution?
  10. 10. Build Trust
  11. 11. • Thanks to big data, machine learning and social media - Marketing is more empowered than ever to persuade • Where is the line drawn today about how data is used for persuasion or deceit? “Ethics comes before the law, during the law and after the law” Luciano Floridi Data ethics: How does this apply to Marketing?
  12. 12. The Future
  13. 13. Affected • Programmatic Audience buying (3rd-party based) • Retargeting on web • Attribution (view-through advertising) Not Affected • Web & App Analytics (Google) • Product analytics platforms • A/B testing • Personalization • On-site remarketing • Customer Data Platforms • Offline data onboarding using emails/phones 1st party cookies 3rd party cookies 3rd party Cookieless Future: Summary of Impact
  14. 14. • User-ID based identification • Form a Customer login • CMS based identification • Use your log-file system • Invest time in categorizing and labeling your log-files Tip • Get your web analytics and CMS data in one place The Future: Living without cookies
  15. 15. • If you do not have a login today, you will have a drop in users if you require it • But…there are too many benefits to ignore • Your company value will go up • You marketing cost will go down • You customers will be happier What can be done: Create a Login
  16. 16. • Start slow and built incentives Tips • Offer 1 day, week or month of free trial • Premium content for Subscribers only • ML / AI powered free trials • Give something away to earn the email address and contact details What can be done: Incentives to get Subscriptions
  17. 17. • You need better Marketing… • …to get Analytics and Marketing permission What can be done: Gather user permission
  18. 18. Case • Google search for “Diapers and low-fat food” The following article appeared at the top Conclusion • Without login – @70% confidence in predictions • With Login – @97% confidence in predictions Tip • Publish a variety of written and video content to widen your # potential customer segments WHAT: Content can help you form segments
  19. 19. Based on Anonymous visitors • Derive insight from the purchase behavior of anonymous visitors • Use your predictions of the customer profile to create a better experience HOW: Predict potential
  20. 20. Internal activities External - Macro Competitor s Identification of MARKET DRIVERS and quantification of their effect Calculation of ROMI RECOMMENDATIONS for future investments and strategies Media BTL PRICE Cam-paig ns Season Weather Economy Competi- tors Acqui-sit ions HOW: To Arrive at Attribution without Cookies • Offline Media • Online Media • Price / IMEI • Distribution • Products and campaigns • DM / EM / SMS • Brand Equity • Weather • Seasonality • Unemployed • Consumer confidence • Stock market index • Force majeure • PR (positive/negative) • Offline Media • Online Media • Price • Distribution • Products and campaigns • DM / EM / SMS • Brand Equity
  21. 21. • You know the difference in value of your Telemarketing and CRM-Email leads • When a lead is hot – you are willing to pay more Ideas: Offer micro payments for permission
  22. 22. • Offer discounts or added incentives to get email permission or subscriptions Ideas: Offer added value to get permission
  23. 23. Safe Web • Trusted Data Ethics • Majority of Visitors Login • Personalized Experience • Full Permission Marketing $ Grey Web • No Clear Data Ethics • Majority Anonymous visit • Neutral Experience • No Permission Marketing $$$$ Dark Web • Bad Data Ethics • Anonymous visits • Regretful Experience • No Permission Marketing …but does it anyway $$$ X ? X ? X ? X ? Imagine this: Where is your site on this spectrum? X ? X ? X ?
  24. 24. X ? X ? X ? Has • Recognized Visitors • Customer Journey • Product Holding • Personal Experience • Relevant Remarketing Has Not • No out of box insights LOGIN Has • Deep understanding of user/website behavior • Out of the box insights to take decisions • Accurate accountability of traffic and actions taken on site Has Not • Declining quality Return Visitors WEB ANALYTICS SYSTEMS Has • The most accurate accountability of hits and use of website • Has 100% collection of data hits Has Not • No out of box insights LOG FILES Imagine this: How will you collect data in the future?
  25. 25. The Future: React to the shift
  26. 26. Thank You