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The IIAR 7+7+7 Rules of Engagement

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AR Pros and the Industry Analysts work on the basis of undocumented principles – principles that sometimes get broken or abused and then what do you do? This webinar will look at the types of analysts AR Pros come across on a daily basis and how to engage with them. Questions such as whether there is a secret recipe on how to build trust? - When should you be transparent? - Should analysts be afforded preferential treatment? - And does NDA really mean, NDA? - will be addressed along with many other frustrations we all face in the world of AR. Oh yes, there is also a section on ‘Divas’!

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The IIAR 7+7+7 Rules of Engagement

  1. 1. Analyst Relations and Industry Analysts The 7+7+7 Golden Rules of Engagement An IIAR Webinar based on an IIAR Best Practice Paper 11 September 2014 Caroline Dennington @CDennington Ludovic Leforestier @lludovic
  2. 2. Rules? •Who makes them? •The balance of power •Reputation •Information asymmetry •We present those rules as normative
  3. 3. Two way rules 4. Preferential treatment 5. Timeliness 6. Effort 7. Realism 1. Confidentiality 2. Transparency 3. Integrity
  4. 4. What does AR expect of Analysts? 5. Give vendors the right to participate 6. Create insightful content 7. Always allow a vendor draft review 1. NDA means NDA 2. Earn it, don’t be a diva 3. Do your homework before briefings and publishing 4. Publicise your editorial calendar
  5. 5. What do Analysts expect of AR? 5. Respond in a timely manner 6. Respect independence in writing 7. Be diligent during, and post publication 1. Don’t waste analyst time 2. Enable relationships, not gate-keep them 3. Recognise different analysts play different roles 4. Enable analysts to meet their research objectives
  6. 6. For more information… •Read the full Rules of Engagement IIAR Best Practice Paper on Huddle: •http://my.hdle.it/34936455 (IIAR membership required) •http://bit.ly/1xKUvbO (Public link)
  7. 7. Thank you Upcoming events IIAR Germany 2nd Stammtisch event – 7/10/14 - Munich IIAR Webinar: German analyst landscape – November 2014 The IIAR Christmas Party – 9/12/14 – London http://analystrelations.org/iiar-calendar-upcoming-events/