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Don Thomson - International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

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Presentation by Don Thomson, CA, IESBA Member at IFAC SMP Forum, March 2012

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Don Thomson - International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

  1. 1. International Ethics StandardsBoard for AccountantsDon Thomson, CA, IESBA MemberIFAC SMP ForumSingaporeMarch 2012 Page 1 | Confidential and Proprietary Information
  2. 2. Global Ethics Standards• Set out in IESBA Code of Ethics• High quality ethical standards for use by professional accountants around the world• Public interest permeates – Selection of Board members – Transparency of debate – Monitoring the Board Page 2 | Confidential and Proprietary Information
  3. 3. SME and SMP needs• Important component of IESBA strategy• Input sought and welcomed• Working Group formed to advise the Board – Application of Code by professional accountants in SMEs and SMPs – Individuals at last years SMP Forum amongst those providing input• Report provided to the Board – Knowledge and understanding of the Code – Safeguards – Membership and processes Page 3 | Confidential and Proprietary Information
  4. 4. IESBA attention to SMEs and SMPs• Knowledge and understanding of the Code – Preparing a synopsis of the Code – Preparing guidance on the provision of accounting services to audit clients• Safeguards – Guidance will address the importance of management basing significant judgments and decisions on an objective and transparent analysis and presentation of the issues• Membership and processes – New member from an SMP; others with SME and/or SMP experience – Reaching out to the SMP Committee and others – Considering SME and SMP issues • When planning new initiatives and when developing standards and guidance Page 4 | Confidential and Proprietary Information
  5. 5. www.ethicsboard.org