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  1. 1. TurkeyAndrea García Gabiola1º A. E.S.O
  2. 2. Nevsehir
  3. 3. Istanbul is thecapital ofTurkey Santa Sofia is in Istanbul. First it was a mosque and now a museum
  4. 4. HistoryTurkey was under the control of:• Persia (V century BC)• Greece (fourth century BC)• Sparta (fourth century BC)• Rome (Emperor Constantine named the city of Istanbul as Constantinople) (II century BC to IV century AD) This is the Library of Celsus, in Efeso (Turkey)
  5. 5. History• It becomes Byzantine (fourth century A.D.). He built the Basilica of St. Sophia.• In the fifteenth century it was conquered by the Ottoman army (the capital city was renamed Istambul)
  6. 6. “Gran Bazaarr” inOttoman empire Istambul. Opened in 1461
  7. 7. Turkey is in different time zones: 12 12 1 1 Turkey Spain Language:More than 150 million people speak Turkish in the world
  8. 8. Population 3.00.000 live in the abroad68.000.000 65.000.000 live in Turkey
  9. 9. NevsehirNevsehir is a city located Nevsehir is in in the region of Central Capadocia Anatolia, Turkey
  10. 10. GastronomyEzogelin soup Sarma (vegetable dish) Kebab Ashura (dessert)