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Introduction to mobile data collection

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The presentation is a brief highlight of the rationale for mobile data collection and the landscape of the mobile data collection platforms that exist, and the potential considerations for a choice of a choice of open data kit as a subject of the training

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Introduction to mobile data collection

  1. 1. International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas icarda.org cgiar.org A CGIAR Research Center Introduction to Mobile Data Collection Innocent Bikara 6th November 2019
  2. 2. icarda.org 2 Why Mobile Data Collection?
  3. 3. icarda.org 3 The importance of data Data Information: Knowledge: Wisdom: Meaning Understanding patterns & relations Evidence-based decision making
  4. 4. icarda.org 4 Data collection Approaches PAPI Pen and paper interviewing CAPI Computer Aided Personal Interviewing
  5. 5. icarda.org 5 Advantages of CAPI • Quicker and easier to collect, analyze and present data • Analysis can be set up in advance; e.g data on indicators can be set up to be automatically calculated on completion of a survey • Reduced chance of error when inputting data (through in-built consistency checks and real-time data quality checks) • Logistically more handy than folders of paper • Various data types more possible than with PAPI e.g Photos, audio, video e.t.c • Auto capture of GPS location, date & time allows for validation of the data collection process Why Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
  6. 6. icarda.org 6 Mobile data collection platforms
  7. 7. icarda.org 7 • Open source (free)- hence no features hidden behind pricing tiers • Questionnaire built in XLS or builder that are easy and faster to use • Offline data collection • Data can be sent to a central server • Allows repeats within repeats Why Open Data Kit (ODK)
  8. 8. icarda.org 8 • Variety of question types • No limit on number of responses • No limit on number of devices used or user logins • Stable data structure even when change is made while data collection is on-going Why Open Data Kit (ODK)