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DevOps for Enterprise Systems : Innovate like a Startup

  1. 6298 DevOps for Enterprise Systems: Innovate like a Startup Hayden Lindsey Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, DevOps for Enterprise Systems
  2. Please Note: • IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. • Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. • The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. • The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. • Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user’s job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.
  3. Emerging technologies drive business transformation Cloud 60% of banks process most transactions in cloud by 2016 Collaboration 60 million US households conducting P2P payments Big Data 2.5 billion gigabytes of data generated every day Intelligent/ Connected Systems 7.9 million in U.S. adopted NFC e- Wallets Mobile 35% transaction growth driven through mobile annually through 2017 Analytics Moving to real time +7.6% in customer lifetime value for firms using engagement analytics $226B – annual cost of health care fraud Security $5.65 million – average cost of a security breach in the US
  4. And yet client expectations remain daunting for enterprise apps 24x7x365 application availability Users expect <1 second app utility 70% lack confidence in data security 35% mobile transaction growth annually 91% of new customer-facing apps access mainframe Integration ScaleTrust Availability Response Time Personalization 80% of Marketers send the same content to all subscribers
  5. Connected Appliances Partners Websites APIs Trillions 2018+ Good news! The mainframe can take on this challenge Tablets Internet TVs Smartphones Game Consoles Connected Cars • Provides sub-second response time, even under extreme loads Secure Responsive Scalable This is necessary, but not sufficient….. • Enables in-transaction analytics • Scalability – best vertical scalability on the market to support millions of online users • Security – has earned the highest level of security certification • Availability – 24x7x365 • Reliability – 99.999% uptime
  6. Because…Enterprises must learn to “Innovate like a Startup” ……TO FROM…….. “The ‘Uber syndrome’ – where a competitor with a completely different business model enters your industry and flattens you.” Judy Lemke, CIO, Schneider, United States “52% of the Fortune 500 firms since 2000 are gone.” – R. Ray Wang 2014-outlook-on-digital-disruption/
  7. …and many large, established z clients struggle to do so… Old infrastructure and beliefs • Outdated developer and team tools • Aging developer population comfortable with the status quo • Disconnected teams, silos • FUD: “Millennials can’t code COBOL” “Manual processes exist for a reason” “SoR dev can’t be as nimble as SoE dev” “We’ve always done it that way” “We tried that 10 years ago…didn’t work” Old processes • Manual testing • Entire system required to test, including mainframe • Reluctance to move test data off mainframe • Manual and error-prone cross-platform coordination
  8. Why do Startups not face these challenges? Startups can begin with a clean slate. They don’t have the “baggage” of: • Siloed organizations • Old technology • Outdated tools • An aging population of developers This makes it easier for them to be: • Agile • Lean • Innovative • Scalable So, how do enterprises overcome the “baggage” and unleash the value of their unique assets?
  9. …by applying Agile! Enterprises have many valuable assets: • Working, time-tested code • Market experience • Existing customer base • Deep customer knowledge • Compliance with regulations • Deep skills • Understanding of multi-platform performance • Scalability and reliability in complex environments Leverage these assets in an agile fashion and jump back ahead of the Startups!
  10. And z clients are doing it - Nationwide embraces DevOps 90% on-time delivery with the DevOps approach, a 50% increase over the waterfall method “This [solution] has led to improved quality by 50 percent and reduced system downtime by 70 percent over the last three years.” —Steve Farley, vice president, application development center, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. 50% increase in software quality over the last three years 70% decrease in user downtime
  11. Fidelity Worldwide Investment embraces DevOps Gained more predictable release schedules for stakeholders Achieved cost avoidance of more than USD2.3 million per year Improved the ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations The transformation: As it prepared to launch a critical new application, Fidelity Worldwide Investment wanted to replace its manual release processes with an automated release solution. The solution helped reduce the time required for software releases by 99 percent, from 2 - 3 days to just 1 - 2 hours. The company also achieved cost avoidance of more than USD2.3 million per year. “Applications that took days to release now take just an hour.” —Tony Green, Technology, Architecture and Engineering, Fidelity Worldwide Investment
  12. You must synchronize plans, development, test and deployment across platforms and technologies – because enterprise applications look like the above! How did they do it? They took a holistic approach! iOS Android Web IoT Systems of Engagement (SoE) Systems of Record (SoR) Financial Retail Government
  13. But beware of bi-modal IT - the New Snake Oil! Managing two separate modes of IT delivery for: • Stability (slow) • Agility (fast) Big problem! Business innovation is held back by the slowest team. This delivery style will slowly kill your business! The Bi-modal IT Myth Comp The Multi-Speed Reality Managing to stability and agility across ALL teams using DevOps and Agile principles for multi-speed delivery: • Rapidly develop with stability • Leverage skills across teams to boost innovation • Adopt agile methodologies on all teams Innovate at the speed of your business! Cross-Platform DevOps
  14. How can you do it? By leveraging our IBM DevOps for Enterprise Systems solutions The only vendor with: • end-to-end lifecycle coverage • integrated cross-platform, multi-technology solutions including z • an open, extensible platform with many partner and open source integrations With services, training, and a partner eco-system to aid in your process, tools, and cultural transformation Develop / Test DeployPlan Operate Cross-Platform DevOps
  15. New news…helping you to “Innovate like a Startup” Simplify acquisition, integration and deployment Supercharge your development and delivery Unlock the value of your existing assets • Application Delivery Foundation 1.2 (ADF): Find everything you need in one place for development and problem analysis • Explorer for z/OS 3.0 Aqua: Utilize an integrated platform for Dev and Ops tools • Application Delivery Intelligence 1.0 (ADI): Work smarter with Enterprise DevOps Analytics • COBOL VU Edition: Adopt DevOps on z Systems economically • Team Concert 6.0.1: Synchronize enterprise teams at scale with SAFe ® 3.0 • UrbanCode Deploy for z: Automate deployment of Hybrid cloud environments and DB2 z/OS support • Service Management Suite 1.4.0: Monitor all JVM activity • COBOL 6.1: Serve your mobile apps even faster • Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO): Improve your runtime performance without recompiling • HACP 12: Access your mainframe with enhanced security and Windows 10 support
  16. 16 Superior user experience: ADFz and Explorer for z/OS V3 Aqua Strategic integration platform and trouble free install and maintenance • Benefit from Explorer for z/OS V3.0 Aqua, our new common integration platform, as products install and work together nicely Integration across dev and ops • Select and install those you need for development and operations Comprehensive and convenient packaging • Build high quality z/OS applications with ADFz, leveraging robust integration across development and problem determination tools Drinking our own champagne • Exploit our advances as soon as they are ready with our new monthly deliveries…you benefit from our internal DevOps adoption Eclipse 4.4 Luna Explorer for z/OS V3 Aqua RDz Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems APA DT FM FA CICS Explorer CICS Tools z/OS Connect EE RTC Develop / Test DeployPlan Operate Cross-Platform DevOps
  17. Cognitive DevOps - get rid of the guesswork: Application Delivery Intelligence (ADI) Drive DevOps improvement with analysis, insight, and optimization • Analysis: Rapidly identify areas of concern in your application portfolio, then assess the impact, scope, risk and actions required • Insight: Improve the accuracy of your planning and estimating with insights gained from data collected from DevOps activities • Optimization: Cut waste and work smarter by executing the optimum actions required to build, test and deploy your applications Version 1.0 Intelligent Testing helps you… • Run the right tests • Run fewer tests • Track trends and flag issues “DevOps Intelligence”
  18. Compile with a $mile: COBOL VU Edition Enterprise COBOL VU Edition • OTC version of Enterprise COBOL for z/OS • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS v5.2 • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS v6.1 Designed to help clients adopt DevOps • Includes 10x capacity growth for increased compile workload driven by DevOps adoption • Mitigates driving up MLC cost Increased business agility with Application Delivery Foundation (ADFz) • Integrated end-to-end solution for Application Development, Problem Determination and Performance Analysis • Perfect entry point for a successful DevOps transformation • Deliver high quality, high performance COBOL applications Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Cost COBOL VUE MLC @10X Capacity Difference
  19. Bring agile to the enterprise: Team Concert V6 Life Cycle Management at scale Team Concert synchronizes enterprise teams by… • Automating full traceability • Managing with dashboards and reports • Demonstrating compliance • Orchestrating multi-speed IT • Supporting multiple platform / processes / languages • Scaling actions to the enterprise (multi-threaded builds, integrated deployment, multi-project queries) Through 2015, 40% of organizations will actively adopt Enterprise Agile Delivery to gain business differentiation for projects and programs needing strong collaboration and cross- process cooperation. -- From Gartner’s report on Enterprise-Class Agile Development “ “ Scaled Agile Framework ® (SAFe ®)3.0 templates for rapid deployment
  20. Facilitate deployment to hybrid cloud environments: UrbanCode Deploy for z Systems V6.2.1 (UCD) • Ability to design and reuse deployment processes for z/OS applications that capture corporate security standards • Support for z/OS packages in UCD code station, allowing a secure and consistent way to download to any deploy nodes • Ability to design and execute a deploy process by using impersonation with authorization managed by the native z/OS security framework • New RTC integration, allowing to seamlessly push builds and packages to UCD • New z/OS Management Facility plug-in feature allowing the execution of workflows in z/OSMF • New topology viewer to track down potential problems whether with the Deploy infrastructure, or with a specific deployment
  21. • Service Management Unite enhancements to better diagnose and isolate problems on z/OS by providing full transparency of key performance indicators. Exclusive to SMSz • Plan and manage automation activities in half the time and less error-prone compared to a conventional 3270-panel using a new Service Management Unite Automation Scheduler. • NEW JVM Monitoring: Enable resource monitoring of any JVMs on z/OS with the new OMEGAMON XE on z/OS Monitoring Feature for JVM. A better way to operate your mainframe: Service Management Suite for z/OS (SMSz) V1.4 Manage growing workload with the same operations team Customize your dashboards to maximize efficiency Drastically increase productivity through intuitive systems control Automate and control applications on z/OS and Linux on z
  22. Serve your mobile apps even faster: COBOL for z/OS V6.1 • Expanded capacity to compile and optimize very large COBOL programs • Fully supports z13 and z13s hardware • Deliver release-to-release performance improvements • Well-structured, compute intensive batch applications running on z13 compiled with COBOL 6.1 have shown CPU time reduction of up to 5% over the same applications compiled with the GA release of COBOL V5.2; ; up to 40% over the same applications compiled with COBOL V4.2 1 • New capability to generate JSON documents directly from COBOL • Extend business critical COBOL applications to support mobile application where preference is JSON/REST • New COBOL 2002 language features • Improved migration from COBOL compilers prior to Enterprise COBOL V5 Trial version available for 90 days at zero cost 1 Performance results are based on an internal IBM compute-intensive test suite. Performance results from other applications may vary.
  23. Automatically performs high-fidelity, deployment-specific optimization of load modules produced by COBOL V3 and V4 • Reduce CPU utilization and operating cost while improving performance significantly • Supports latest z systems (zEC12, zBC12, z13, and z13s) Quick time to value • Simple out-of-box setup • No need to recompile or tune options to increase performance Put your COBOL applications into HYPERDRIVE: IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO) ABO Original Program Binaries (Base ESA390) Optimized Program Binaries (Latest z Systems)
  24. Secure host access from Windows 10 and Mac clients: IBM Host Access Client Package v12 Secure, PCI compliant connectivity options for display, printer, and HOD Redirector • Expanded TLS 1.1 and 1.2 connectivity options • Improved secure authentication options Access from a wide variety of client platforms • Windows 10 support • Stand alone, platform independent client, enabling host access from Mac and Linux desktops Flexible licensing with automated license tracking • Host Integration License Manager
  25. Looking to the future – cool things in the labs now Visual Debugger • See visual representation of your program’s structure while debugging, providing easy navigation for understanding and isolating issues in your application Rapid Intelligent Testing for z Systems • Easily and quickly create and use personal z/OS sandboxes to transform z/OS testing
  26. We are Innovating like a Startup too! Results delivered! • Five new products launched • Updates to more than a dozen 26 Transforming how we run operate Hear more about our agile transformation: Wed 12-1, Surf Ballroom A Lessons Learned from Large-Scale Adoption of DevOps for IBM z Systems Software Per Kroll, Director, DevOps for Enterprise Systems User Experience Development Business Design Thinking Offering Management DevOps Innovation
  27. 27IBM DevOps for Enterprise Systems More for you @ InterConnect 2016!  Expert Panels  Client and Partner led breakouts  DevOps Workshops  Systems Solution Suite  Expo floor demos  Labs  Engagement Center sessions  Meet the Experts
  28. Innovate like a Start-up Differentiate your business. Transform. Fast. At Scale. ©2015 IBM Corporation
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