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CMC Brochure

  2. 2. In an era of global brands and global markets, when competition is intense and relentless, businesses need to possess global expertise for survival and growth. It is in this context that management consultants play a pivotal role in helping organizations manage and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. As a management consultant, you could provide the best services that clients demand from you by acquiring the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation, awarded by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). The CMC designation, bestowed on individual management consultants after a rigorous process of examination, has come to be regarded as undoubted recognition of their competence and professionalism, and an acknowledged international benchmark as well. ICMCI awards the CMC designation, through its Member Institutes, to individual management consultants. The Member Institutes, in the first place, earn the authority to award the CMC designation by submitting themselves to a periodic audit of their certification systems and procedures. Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Designation. International Benchmark. CMC. The designation that makes a decisive difference. The benefits of the CMC designation are at once significant and substantial. A clear endorsement of your global expertise. the CMC designation earns you the trust and business of clients worldwide. You get ready access to the community of fellow CMCs, by which you could add to your expertise, share ideas and knowledge, and seek assistance and collaboration. By being committed to the highest standards of professional
  3. 3. The CMC Designation. Basic Requirements. As a management consultant, you may qualify for the CMC designation if you fulfil the following minimum requirements. Three years' experience in management consulting A recognized degree or professional qualification, or additional five years in management consulting in lieu of a degree Full-time engagement in active management consulting Owner or employee of a firm in independent practice, or internal consultant in an organization meeting ICMCI's independence criteria The CMC Designation. Qualification Process. Once you fulfil the basic requirements, you will undergo a qualification process. Your knowledge of the Code of Professional Conduct and Common Body of Knowledge formulated by ICMCI will be tested by way of a written examination or a structured interview. Professionalism and personal development will be reviewed on basis of the CMC Competency Framework of ICMCI. The qualification process further requires that you are sponsored by at least two full Members or Fellows of the concerned Member Institute or that you submit references of three completed assignments and three client references, which will be verified before the interview. ethics and practice, you stay competitive by commanding the respect of clients who insist on excellence and transparency. You get opportunities for constant professional development through seminars and conventions that are organized regularly at various levels. The growing presence of ICMCI across the world affords you access to a large potential clientele
  4. 4. In the realm of Management Consulting, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) occupies the pre-eminent position as the global organization committed to developing and maintaining world-class professional standards. Founded in 1987, ICMCI now has constituents in 44 nations, in early 2006. ICMCI seeks to ensure that clients, wherever they are located, are offered services of world- class competency and professionalism. To accomplish this objective, ICMCI constantly strives to elevate the standards of management consultants worldwide and has in place a well-conceived certification process. ICMCI. Committed to excellence in Management Consulting. International Code of Professional Conduct Global benchmarks for the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation Framework for transfer of knowledge relating to certification to Member Institutes and external institutions Initiatives towards institution-building among non-member nations Recognized as an NGO by the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) and awarded a Special Consultative Status, ICMCI enjoys the privilege of active participation in ECOSOC meetings, and also send its consultants to developing countries to conduct training and mentoring programmes Certified management Consultants pledge, in writing, to abide by their Institute's code of professional conduct. Their adherence to this code signifies voluntary assumption of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law. Institutes enforce their code while receiving and investigating complaints of violations and by taking disciplinary action, including revocation of certification, against any member who is found guilty of code violation. Code of Professional Conduct
  5. 5. The national Member Institutes have codes of professional conduct for their members appropriate to the ICMCI mission and the laws of their land. The focus of these codes is on the professionalism of the individual and the welfare of the client. The codes include, as a minimum, the provisions of the ICMCI Code of Ethics set out here: International Code of Professional Conduct Confidentiality: A member will treat client information as confidential and will neither take personal advantage of privileged information gathered during an assignment, nor enable others to do so. Unrealistic Expectations: A member will refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations or promising clients that benefits are certain from specific management consulting services. Commissions / Financial Interests: A member will neither accept commissions, remuneration, nor other benefits from a third party in connection with recommendations to a client without the client's knowledge and consent, nor fail to disclose any financial interest in goods or services which form part of such recommendations. Assignments: A member will accept only assignments, which the member has the skills and knowledge to perform. Conflicting Assignments: A member will avoid acting simultaneously in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance that this is intended. Conferring with Client: A member will ensure that, before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements has been established, and that any personal, financial, or other interest which might influence the conduct of the work has been disclosed. Recruiting: A member will refrain from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client. Approach: A member will maintain a fully professional approach in all dealings with clients, the general public, and fellow members. Other Management Consultants: A member will ensure that other management consultants carrying out work on behalf of the member are conversant with and abide by this Code of Professional Conduct. ICMCI Secretariat, P.O.Box 1058, 3860 BB Nijkerk, The Netherlands e-mail icmci@icmci.org | website www.icmci.org

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