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Notable Women at ANZ

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A presentation from ANZ to the IABC Driving the Diversity Agenda event in March 2015.

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Notable Women at ANZ

  1. 1. Notable Women “Most people don’t notice the absence of women’s voices. It is so normalised.” - Elizabeth Broderick Sex Discrimination Commissioner
  2. 2. The diversity challenge
  3. 3. ‘I’m too busy...I’ll look boastful…I might be misquoted'.” ‘Clear my diary!’” “We want smart voices in our stories and we want them straight away but can we find any? We want to see more women in business media and we want them there on merit - not as a token gesture” – the other Mike Smith, AFR Where are the women?
  4. 4. International Women’s Day
  5. 5. BlueNotes
  6. 6. BlueNotes
  7. 7. Notable Women “If women are visible, then they can help reshape the rules. But you can’t reshape the rules if you don’t know the rules and you can’t change the game if you don’t show up.” - Amanda Gome
  8. 8. Six keys to success More on diversity and leadership: @ANZ_BlueNotes www.bluenotes.anz.com 01 05 03 02 06 04 The CEO must authentically champion diversity. The whole organisation must lean in, not just a passionate few. Keep asking until you find the core reason for the challenge. Communications can lead the solutions and drive fast results. Storytelling is key – many authentic voices, many personal perspectives. The time to act is now! @BelGaskell