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Blue ocean shift - Cuộc dịch chuyển đại dương xanh

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Đây là slide giới thiệu về cuốn sách Blue Ocean Shift (Cuộc dịch chuyển đại dương xanh) do dịch giả Huỳnh Hữu Tài biên soạn.

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Blue ocean shift - Cuộc dịch chuyển đại dương xanh

  1. 1. Blue Ocean Shift Presented by Huỳnh Hữu Tài tai@wetransform.vn
  2. 2. What is Blue Ocean Shift? Blue Ocean Shift is a roadmap to move you, your team, and your organization to new heights of confidence, market creation and growth.
  3. 3. What is blue ocean strategy? Blue ocean strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It empowers organizations by providing a set of analytical tools and frameworks that any company can apply to reshape industry boundaries in their favor and leave the competition behind.
  4. 4. From market competing to market creating
  5. 5. Why do we need Blue Ocean Shift when we already had Blue Ocean Strategy? - Blue Ocean Strategy is “what” - Blue Ocean Shift is “How” + concrete steps + systematic process
  6. 6. Is red ocean strategy no longer useful? Absolutely not.
  7. 7. A Holistic Model of Market- Creating Strategy 1. Offer a breakthrough solution for an industry’s existing problem. 2. Redefine an industry’s existing problem and solve it. 3. Identify and solve a brand-new problem or seize a brand-new opportunity
  8. 8. How to shift from red to blue oceans?
  9. 9. Blue ocean strategist vs Red ocean strategist
  10. 10. Focus on Value Innovation, Not Technology Innovation - Grameen Bank’s microfinancing - The National Youth Orchestra of Iraq - Google Glass - Motorola’s Iridium - Apple’s Newton
  11. 11. 5 Steps to Make a Blue Ocean Shift
  12. 12. How Humanness Is Built in the Process
  13. 13. Are entrepreneurs the only ones capable of creating new markets? NO. It’s for everyone
  14. 14. Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map
  15. 15. Strategy Canvas The UK CharityFund-Raising Industry (Pre–Comic Relief)
  16. 16. Strategy Canvas of Comic Relief
  17. 17. The Buyer Utility Map
  18. 18. The Buyer Utility Map of Electric Home French Fry Makers
  19. 19. The Three Tiers of Noncustomers
  20. 20. The Six Paths to Open Up a New Value-Cost Frontier
  21. 21. The Four Actions Framework
  22. 22. The ERRC Grid: The Case of citizenM
  23. 23. citizenM’s Business Model
  25. 25. Page 73 THANK YOU! Huỳnh Hữu Tài 0908967749 tai@wetransform.vn