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It is like having a Sage 50 CRM without having to get a CRM!

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) project is more likely to fail than a new business. It can be particularly difficult in a small company, where a lack of resources and management time will hinder progress.

Suntico is an exciting new alternative to a traditional CRM, intended very specifically for B2B (business to business) companies that use Sage 50 (Sage Peachtree Accounting, Sage Simply Accounting, Sage 50 Accounts).

Just like you may use Facebook to find out what is going on across your social network, you use Suntico to find out what is going on in your company with your customers.

Focused specifically on the needs of B2B companies that use Sage 50, Suntico is incredibly simple to implement. In the words of one consultant "It's like having a Sage 50 CRM without having to get a CRM!".

Suntico recognizes the time and resource constraints of a small to medium sized business. It also recognizes that many small businesses are not ready to implement rigid workflows, but still need to be able to access, share and update important customer or vendor information very easily.

Eliminate the need for process design by supporting ad-hoc automation!

Using social style tools, Suntico is ideal for intelligent customer-facing workers who know what needs to be done for a customer if only they can get access to the right information. Taking this approach, Suntico removes the need to define fixed sets of customer processes and dramatically eases the implementation versus a traditional CRM system.

Increase engagement across the company by providing something for every user!

Using the Sage 50 data, the finance team can collaborate with the sales team over getting invoices paid faster. The sales team can respond quickly to customer queries and update the rest of the company. The marketing team can analyse Sage 50 sales data to see the sales patterns for different products,

By linking tightly and automatically to Sage 50 Accounting, Suntico transforms the initial data migration and set up for the new account management / alternative CRM system to a process that takes less than 15 minutes. From that point, any time that Sage 50 is updated then so it Suntico and therefore your Sage 50 CRM system.

Suntico has a very clear purpose, which is something that is lacking in many enterprise CRM projects. The purpose of Suntico is to keep the entries company on the same page about important customer relationship information, It provides the place for people to go to find out what is happening with their key customer or vendor relationships. This clear purpose makes Suntico very easy to implement and an obvious choice for a busy business-to-business (B2B) company that uses Sage 50 operating with multiple teams across multiple offices.

For this kind of company, Suntico is like having a Sage 50 CRM without having to get a CRM!

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It is like having a Sage 50 CRM without having to get a CRM!

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