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[Webinar Slides] How to Keep Sales Cranking in the Second Half of the Year

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It's the middle of summer and you've called all the "good" prospects for the year. Worried about making quota next month? Think your pipeline isn't strong enough to meet your goals? Think again. LinkedIn Sales Solutions's Alex Wolin and HubSpot's Sales CRO Mark Roberge are combining forces, teaching you sales techniques to make your upcoming pipeline stronger than your first half of the year.

Access the on-demand webinar here: http://offers.hubspot.com/secrets-to-keep-sales-cranking

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[Webinar Slides] How to Keep Sales Cranking in the Second Half of the Year

  1. [LIVE WEBINAR] How to Keep Sales Cranking in the Second Half of the Year
  2. Housekeeping Webinar is being recorded, and will be sent out tomorrow Interact with us in the Q&A panel as well as on Twitter with the hashtag #SalesSuccess
  3. Meet your Experts @AlexWolin@MarkRoberge CRO Sales Division, HubSpot Head of Enterprise East, LinkedIn Sales Solutions
  4. Agenda 1. How to find new prospects
 2. Reengaging your database and reinvigorating cold accounts
 3. Creating multiple paths into an account
  5. Part 1: Find the Next Batch of Prospects
  6. Set Sales People Up to be 
 Thought Leaders
  7. Today’s sales world is transforming. It’s not about the sales rep, it’s about the customer. Part 1: Find Prospects Target prospects that are good for YOU Cold call prospects with YOUR elevator pitch Push prospects through YOUR sales process Listen for prospects starting THEIR buy cycle Engage prospects with THEIR interests Help prospects through THEIR buying process
  8. Couple Context with Social Tools Part 1: Find Prospects
  9. 75% of B2B Buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions
  10. Use New Technology to… Identify people at the right time who can influence the buying decision Use social triggers to find prospects entering the buying cycle Find common connections to facilitate a warm introduction Part 1: Find Prospects
  11. Identify people at the right time who can influence the buying decision Part 1: Find Prospects
  12. Use social triggers to engage with prospects at the right time Part 1: Find Prospects
  13. Act on Social Triggers Part 1: Find Prospects
  14. 5X More likely to engage with sales professionals via warm introduction than cold outreach.
  15. Find common connections for a warm introduction Part 1: Find Prospects
  16. Part 2: Re-engage with Your Database
  17. Full Report Available at http://www.getsidekick.com/email-open-rates-report (6.4 Million Sales Emails Analyzed) Part 2: Engage Database
  18. Which emails had a higher Open Rate? Emails with a Subject or No Subject? Part 2: Engage Database
  19. Part 2: Engage Database
  20. Which emails had a higher Open Rate? Emails sent on Monday, Friday, or Sunday? Part 2: Engage Database
  21. Try scheduling prospecting emails on the weekend Part 2: Engage Database
  22. Rapid Fire Tips: • Don’t use “quick” • “Tomorrow” has 10% higher open rate • Start the email body with something about the prospect, not yourself • Email on the weekends • “No subject” has higher open rates than a subject line Part 2: Engage Database
  23. Reinvigorate a Cold Account Part 2: Engage Database
  24. First, Don’t Underestimate Closed Lost Account Part 2: Engage Database
  25. Second, Use New Content & Products from Marketing! When new product features or helpful content comes out, reach out to your customers and offer it to them. Part 2: Engage Database
  26. Part 3: Create Multiple Paths into an Account
  27. Part 3: Multiple Paths
  28. Find other relevant contacts within an account Part 3: Multiple Paths
  29. The Old School Sales Process: Call High “Let’s talk profit margins and growth!” “Yes! Let’s.” Part 3: Multiple Paths
  30. When Old School Tries to Go New School “Let’s talk profit margins and growth!” “Huh?” Part 3: Multiple Paths
  31. Transform Your Connect Strategy To Leverage Influencers “I noticed you downloaded our ebook. What specific questions did you have?” “Wow! This is really helpful. Can you keep helping me?” o Build trust with the influencer by helping them with their problems. 
 o Ask for the influencers help to engage with the Decision Maker Part 3: Multiple Paths
  32. The social selling era starts now. You know the art of selling. We can help with the science. 
 Check out LinkedIn Sales Navigator for yourself! 
 Visit: www.sales.linkedin.com

  33. Stay in the New School with Sidekick & HubSpot CRM http://www.hubspot.com/crm http://www.getsidekick.com
  34. Q&A #SalesSuccess @AlexWolin @MarkRoberge
  36. Thank you!