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Selling Better Together - Webinar with Work.com

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Selling Better Together - Webinar with Work.com

  1. 1. $$ Selling Better Together How to Ensure Scalable Revenue $ Growth
  2. 2. Housekeeping Notes: 1 Webinar slides + video will be emailed to all 2 Interact with us on Twitter: #SalesPerformance #SalesPerformance
  3. 3. Your Presenters: Nick Stein Mark Roberge Director of Marketing SVP Sales and Services @Workdotcom @HubSpot #SalesPerformance
  4. 4. Agenda • The Problem in Sales Organizations Today • What is the Answer? • Implementation - Coaching - Diagnosing Issues - Development • Additional Resources • Q&A
  5. 5. What is the Problem?
  6. 6. People Work Differently Today New Work Realities: • Connected • Open & Collaborative • Real-Time #SalesPerformance
  7. 7. But the Way You Manage People is 50 Years Old Bureaucracy Fast Networks Painful Reviews Real-time Feedback Paperwork Social Alignment Old Way New Way #SalesPerformance
  8. 8. You Are Not Getting the Most from Your People Not Misaligned Demotivated Performing $300B Lost Productivity Source: Gallup, “Employee Engagement: A Leading Indicator of Financial Performance” #SalesPerformance
  9. 9. And You See the Impact on Your Business 70% of sales reps leave because of a poor relationship with their manager $1M is the average cost of losing one core sales rep Pathways to Growth: 9 Disciplines to Create Sales Breakthroughs in Turbulent Times. #SalesPerformance
  10. 10. What is the Answer?
  11. 11. Onboard Reps Faster Social Goals Social goals create clear milestones and allow new reps to: • Know the key plays in first 30-60-90 days • Connect with experts quickly • Celebrate first wins sooner #SalesPerformance
  12. 12. Grow Revenue Through Sales Alignment Social Goals Align sales teams, increase visibility and improve agility with social goals: • Public commitment ensures accountability • Connect individual and team sales goals to company mission • Set meaningful personal development and professional goals ACV Leads Company Mission Pipe Quota #SalesPerformance
  13. 13. Boost Sales Performance with Coaching Feedback & Coaching Use data to diagnose skill gaps and 1:1 coaching to fill them: • Focus reps on the right leads • Create more opportunities • Increase close rates #SalesPerformance
  14. 14. Increase Sales Discipline Feedback & Coaching Drive a high-performing sales culture with regular 1:1 coaching Ensure accurate Increase pipeline Improve forecasting data inputs predictably accuracy #SalesPerformance
  15. 15. Develop Engaged Reps Feedback & Coaching Drive sales rep performance with real-time feedback Feedback Feedback • Empower reps to request feedback when they need it • Apply today’s learnings to tomorrow’s sales call • Get a comprehensive feedback from managers, peers and customers #SalesPerformance
  16. 16. Amplify Winning Sales Behaviors Thanks Recognize great work when and where it happens: • Promote key sales skills and company values • Motivate reps to feel like they’re winning club every day • Share success stories across sales team #SalesPerformance
  17. 17. What Does Implementation Look Like?
  18. 18. 1 Coaching
  19. 19. My mission as a sales executive… Predictable, scalable Revenue growth #SalesPerformance
  20. 20. Strategy If I can… 1. Hire the same type of successful sales person 2. Train the sales people in the same way 3. Provide each sales person with the same quantity and quality of leads 4. Have the sales people work the leads using the same process 5. Develop leaders to execute the process …then I will achieve my goal. #SalesPerformance
  21. 21. Hold Sales Team Accountable to Effective Coaching 1st Day of Month 2nd Day of Month Sales Person / Manager Independent Director Meets with Manager Reviews  Review Skill/Development Morning  Think through qualitative performance Plans for each sales person  Review individual metrics  Think about Skill/Development Plan Manager Meets with Sales Person VP Meets with Director Afternoon  Discuss qualitative performance  Review Skill/Development  Review individual metrics Plans for each sales person  Co-Create Skill/Development Plan #SalesPerformance
  22. 22. Diagnosing 2 Issues
  23. 23. Diagnose the Skill Issue: Start at the Top Each Color Represents a Different Sales Rep * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation #SalesPerformance
  24. 24. Diagnose: Prospecting Issues CAUSES OF PROSPECTING ISSUES o Over-investment in unqualified opportunities o Time management issues o Lack of personal goals o Call reluctance Each Color Represents a Different Sales Rep * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation #SalesPerformance
  25. 25. Diagnose: Conversion to Opportunity Issues CAUSES OF OPPORTUNITY ISSUES o Prospecting depth o Prospecting personalization o Building trust on the connect Each Color Represents a Different Sales Rep * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation #SalesPerformance
  26. 26. Diagnose: Conversion to Customer Issues CAUSES OF CLOSE RATE ISSUES  Developing sense of urgency  Getting beyond surface pain  Reaching the authority Each Color Represents a Different Sales Rep * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation #SalesPerformance
  27. 27. Diagnose: “Peel Back the Onion” on Metrics for More Insight Lead-Worked-to-Connect Ratio Connect-to-Demo Ratio * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation #SalesPerformance
  28. 28. 3 Development
  29. 29. Co-Creating the Skill/Development Plan ONE-ON-ONE AGENDA o Self assess qualitative performance o Self assess quantitative performance o Agree on a skill to work on – prefer one o Co-create a development plan o Schedule the plan #SalesPerformance
  30. 30. Development: Common Tactics We Use COMMON DEVELOPMENT TACTICS o Group and 1-on-1 film reviews o Role playing / modeling o Prospecting call observations o Call prep and post mortem discussions o Pipeline reviews with specific content check o Daily reporting on specific content/activity #SalesPerformance
  31. 31. Development: Overcoming Activity Motivation Issu #SalesPerformance
  32. 32. Development: Overcoming Call Depth Issues LTV / COCA Attempt # #SalesPerformance
  33. 33. Development: Overcoming Trust Development Issues Always Be Helping #SalesPerformance
  34. 34. Development: Overcoming Sense of Urgency Issues WHAT TO LOOK FOR FROM SALES PERSON o Trust with prospect is a pre-requisite o 3rd level pain through the “3 Whys” o Pain is quantified and implicated o What happens to the prospect if they delay purchase? #SalesPerformance
  35. 35. Understand the professional and personal GOALS of your people and explore synergies with the HubSpot mission.” 37
  36. 36. Development: Motivation through Explicit Goal Setting SMART Goal Framework Types of Goals (S)pecific Performance (M)easurable Professional (A)ttainable Financial (R)ealistic Personal (T)imely #SalesPerformance
  37. 37. Motivate Your Extended Sales Team Social Rewards Tangible rewards from Amazon.com allow you to: • Celebrate big wins throughout your entire company • Reward people outside your compensation structure • Track and report reward activity Marketing Product Sales Sales Engineer Support #SalesPerformance
  38. 38. Give Reps the Tools to Close Social Goals Thanks Create specific goals and custom badges to drive ongoing training and certification: • Reps always have up-to-date and consistent product knowledge • Accelerate learning and mastery of new skills • Accurate view of sales skills that lets you target coaching #SalesPerformance
  39. 39. Spend More Time Selling Performance Summaries Write performance summaries in half the time: VS. • Performance data captured in one place • No more email scavenger hunts • Provide structured feedback when it matters • Go beyond the numbers to develop winning behaviors #SalesPerformance
  40. 40. Build the Most Competitive Sales Teams Calibration Get a complete and accurate view of your sales talent: • Look across your entire team to identify top performers • Facilitate productive conversations to promote key talent • Build a foundation of talent for future growth Top Performers #SalesPerformance
  41. 41. Additional 4 Resources
  42. 42. Two Great Books on Today’s Topic #SalesPerformance
  43. 43. Two Great Ebooks for You: http://bit.ly/Aligning- http://bit.ly/Unified- SM SM #SalesPerformance
  44. 44. Find out how Get your HubSpot can help custom you take your inbound marketing demo to the next level. today. WWW.HUBSPOT.COM/DEMO
  45. 45. Improve Sales Performance with Work.com View a demo at work.com/demo Sales Team Goals Better Employee Performance Align Motivate Perform +10x +200% +75% Improvement in Increase in Increase in satisfaction understanding of goals recognition given with performance cycle Source: Work.com Customer Survey #SalesPerformance
  46. 46. Thank You!
  47. 47. Q&A