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How to Build and Manage an Inbound Marketing Team #INBOUND2013

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INBOUND 2013 presentation by Mike Volpe.
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How to Build and Manage an Inbound Marketing Team #INBOUND2013

  2. 2. MIKE VOLPE @mvolpe Employee #5 at HubSpot. I also eat M&Ms one color at a time, saving orange for last of course.
  3. 3. AGENDA 1  2  3  Building the Team Managing the Team Q&A
  5. 5. Hiring an Inbound Marketing Team 1  Digital 2  Analytical 3  Reach 4  Content •  Smart •  GSD •  Domain Expert?
  6. 6. DIGITAL Look for people who speak “digital” without an accent. Digital natives or immigrants are both fine as long as they are citizens.
  7. 7. ANALYTICAL Everyone should be more analytical than the average person in their role elsewhere. Even a writer should want to measure their content using metrics and be interested in judging their success that way.
  8. 8. REACH Good inbound marketers leave evidence that they have a gravitational attraction. They have done something that “attracted” people to them or their work before.
  9. 9. CONTENT Find people who create content naturally. You do not want content creation to be a struggle.
  10. 10. Screening Candidates Scan the application / resume •  •  •  No AOL or Hotmail or paper resumes Track record of success and growth Domain expertise and inbound marketing experience / certifications Google their name •  •  •  Strong LinkedIn presence, check for mutual connections Decent sized digital footprint Decent quality digital footprint
  11. 11. Interviewing Inbound Marketers 1  Funnel Question 2  Lead Scoring Question 3  Website Homepage Question
  12. 12. The Funnel Question “Pretend you're the CMO for 25,000 Visitors this company, and you have 250 Leads to decide on what your marketing team should focus. What do you do?" 100 Sales Ready Leads 25 Opportunities 5 Customers
  13. 13. The Lead Scoring Question “I just emailed you an Excel file of 10,000 leads with data like company size and industry for each of them, and you can see the 200 leads that became customers. How can you use that data to make a lead score to help us prioritize leads in the future?”
  14. 14. The Website Homepage Question “The CEO likes version A, the COO likes version B, and the company is evenly divided. Which homepage do you launch?” Millions Love Our Company Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text [Video] Make More Money With Us [Picture 1] [Picture 2] •  Text text text Text text text Text text text Text text text text text •  Text text text Text text text Text text text •  Text text text Text text text Text text text Text
  16. 16. Mike’s Management Philosophy •  Goals: Clearly explain to people the outcomes and results we want and why we need them for the business •  Metrics: Let the metrics crack the whip for you •  Hiring: Hire the right people, get rid of the wrong people •  Mentoring: Mentor people by offering advice, context and perspective •  Management: Get out of the way, rarely tell anyone what to do, let them surprise you
  17. 17. HubSpot Marketing Team Organization Product Marketing Top of Funnel CMO Middle of Funnel Brand and Buzz
  18. 18. Focus on Outcomes: Manage by Metrics Top of Funnel Middle of Funnel Product Marketing Brand and Buzz Results / Metrics •  Website visitors •  New contacts generated Results / Metrics •  Revenue pipeline $ •  Sales goal % Results / Metrics •  Sales test scores •  % sales selling various features •  User testing Results / Metrics •  PR hits •  Event attendance and survey feedback Activity •  Blog articles •  Ebooks & webinars •  Social engagement •  Other content Activity •  Lead nurturing •  Lead scoring •  Sales coordination Activity •  Product content •  Sales and other product training Activity •  Events •  PR pitches •  Videos & graphics
  19. 19. Monthly Cadence Focused on Outcomes Goals for month set by CMO CMO / Mgmt Feedback Team reports on metrics / activity Team decides on activities Team executes on activities
  20. 20. Embrace agile marketing principles.
  21. 21. Marketing Team Goals
  22. 22. Frequent Motivation and Recognition Weekly “Golden Unicorn” Award Monthly “Champions Dinner” Award
  23. 23. Frequent Feedback
  24. 24. Track Progress to Goals in Real Time
  25. 25. Track Progress to Goals in Real Time
  26. 26. React to Alarms to Ensure Success % Progress to Leads Goal Actual Leads Leads Goal •  Create new offers 100% 80% •  Publish more 60% •  Promote more 40% 20% 0% •  Increase paid ads Business Days Left in Month
  27. 27. Review: Building an Inbound Marketing Team 1  Look for DARC candidates 2  Screen candidates for digital footprint 3  Interview questions: funnel, lead scoring, website design
  28. 28. Review: Managing an Inbound Marketing Team 1  Team structure: Funnel, Product Marketing, Brand & Buzz 2  Agile marketing principles 3  Monthly cadence of reporting & goal setting 4  Review monthly team reports for feedback 5  Frequent awards and feedback – weekly and monthly
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  30. 30. MIKE THANK YOU #inbound13 VOLPE @mvolpe mvolpe@hubspot.com