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How to Promote a World-Class Webinar - HubSpot & ON24

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Webinars have become one of the most effective tools for marketers to generate leads and drive prospects through the buying cycle. Perhaps the biggest challenge for marketers today is driving registration and attendance to their events.

In “How to Promote a World Class Webinar”, we highlight tips and best practices for promoting and driving registration for your webinars.

In this webcast, you will learn:

1. How to build a webinar promotional strategy
2. Benchmarks on the best days and times to send promo emails
3. How to craft effective promo emails
4. Best practices on leveraging social media to drive webinar registration

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How to Promote a World-Class Webinar - HubSpot & ON24

  1. 1. How to Promote a World-Class Webinar +
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introduction 2 The Challenges of Webinar Registration 3 Promotion and Registration Benchmarks 4 The Inbound Marketing Playbook 5 Q&A #WorldClassWebinar
  3. 3. Introduction Mark Bornstein Senior Director, Content Marketing @4MarkB Lisa Toner Head of Relationship Marketing @lisatoner13
  4. 4. Housekeeping Notes  Slides and recording will be available after  Questions on Twitter: #WorldClassWebinar  Widgets #WorldClassWebinar
  5. 5. Challenges of webinar registration & attendance #WorldClassWebinar
  6. 6. 1. Catch your prospects at a moment of receptivity #WorldClassWebinar
  7. 7. 2. Create content that isn’t all about YOU. #WorldClassWebinar
  8. 8. Promotion and Registration Benchmarks. #WorldClassWebinar
  9. 9. #WorldClassWebinar
  10. 10. #WorldClassWebinar
  11. 11. #WorldClassWebinar
  12. 12. So how do you promote a World-Class Webinar? #WorldClassWebinar
  13. 13. 1. Know Your Audience. #WorldClassWebinar
  14. 14. Buyer Personas Fictional characters that represent your DREAM customers #WorldClassWebinar
  15. 15. @HubSpot Profile: • Professional marketer (VP, Director, Manager) • Mid-sized company (25-200 employees) • Small marketing team (1-5 people) • BComm (BU), MBA (Babson) • 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6) Goals: • Support sales with collateral and leads • Manage company communications • Build awareness Challenges: • Too much to do • Not sure how to get there • Marketing tool and channel mess Mary loves HubSpot because: • Easy to use tools that make her life easier • Learn inbound marketing best practices • Easier reporting to sales and CEO Marketing Mary #WorldClassWebinar
  16. 16. 2. Create the Content. #WorldClassWebinar
  17. 17. Address Problems/Pain-points
  18. 18. Address Problems/Pain-points “10 Common Webinar Mistakes” “7 Keys to Successful Webinars” “Benchmarking your Demand Generation Programs”“5 Best Practices for Virtual Product Launches” “Building your social media footprint”“How to Optimise Content Delivery” “How to Drive Webinar Registration”
  19. 19. What’s already working for the topic? Perform a topic search #WorldClassWebinar
  20. 20. 3. Get the Message Out There. #WorldClassWebinar
  21. 21. The Email Marketing Dilemma #WorldClassWebinar
  22. 22. Email: 1 - Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14%. #WorldClassWebinar
  23. 23. Clear Title, Strong Graphic The first line must grab Clear “Register Now” Button Short and to-the-point Use bullets, tease content Show value of attending Anatomy of a Great Email
  24. 24.  Disruptive, upset the status quo  Address a specific pain-point or need  Promise change  Tease or titillate  Short and concise  Read well, phonetically interesting  Feel personal Email Tip 2 - Craft the Perfect Email Subject Lines #WorldClassWebinar
  25. 25. Emails without a sidebar have a 4% higher click through. Spiceworks Study 2014 Email Tip 3 - Try Losing the Sidebar #WorldClassWebinar
  26. 26. Email Tip 4 - Promote from Different Angles #WorldClassWebinar
  27. 27. Email Tip 5 - Consistent Creative Across all Communications #WorldClassWebinar
  28. 28. 3 SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION #WorldClassWebinar
  29. 29. Social Tip 1 - Create a custom hashtag Before the webinar - Custom hashtags allow people to ask questions and contribute to the webinar - Include the hashtag in all social media updates, email promotion, and in slide footers #WorldClassWebinar
  30. 30. Social Tip 2 - Make it easy to share your webinar - Top tool: https://clicktotweet.com/ #WorldClassWebinar
  31. 31. Social Tip 3 - Add it to Email Signatures across the Organisation Run a competition to see who gets the most sign ups! #WorldClassWebinar
  32. 32. Integrate Social Media Applications onto confirmation pages Enable registrants to put webinar on their business calendar Social Tip 4 - Integrate Social Media Applications #WorldClassWebinar
  33. 33. Social Tip 5 - Use LinkedIn in B2B - Publish a blog post on LinkedIn to build some buzz around your webinar. - Use the search function in LinkedIn to find relevant and active groups to promote your webinar in. #WorldClassWebinar
  34. 34. Social Tip 6 - Update your social media images - Update cover images on social media to draw even more attention to your webinar #WorldClassWebinar
  35. 35. Other stuff - CTA Placement Homepage Blog posts
  36. 36. Other stuff - Guest Blogs #WorldClassWebinar
  37. 37. QUESTIONS?
  38. 38. THANK YOU