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How to Drive 1 Million Monthly Blog Visits

Blogging can be a great tool to drive traffic to your website, expand your reach, and even get more leads! But after all that hard work creating quality content, how do you get your blog in front of the right people?

During this 60 minute webinar, blogging experts from HubSpot and WordStream will expose the tips and tricks they've used to grow their blog readership to over 2.5 million combined viewers a month! This webinar is part of HubSpot's #Blog100 campaign.

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How to Drive 1 Million Monthly Blog Visits

  1. How to Get 1 Million Viewers of Your Blog With blogging experts: Elisa Gabbert and Ginny Soskey
  2. House Keeping Notes 1 This webinar is recorded. To view the full recording, go to: bit.ly/blog1webinar 2 Interact with us on Twitter using #Blog100
  3. Meet Your Experts Ginny Soskey Head of Marketing Blog, HubSpot @gsosk Elisa Gabbert Head of Blog, WordStream @Egabbert
  4. Agenda 1 Keyword Research 2 Management 3 Optimization 4 Promotion
  5. 1 Keyword Research
  6. The absolute bare minimum content strategy is keyword research.
  7. The Super Basic Way: Use a keyword tool and see what pops up.
  8. The More Advanced Way…
  9. Step 1: Use the AdWords Keyword Planner to find topics broken down by keywords.
  10. Step 2: Dig into an ad group to get a content-ready cluster of related keyword terms.
  11. Pro Tip: Use WordStream’s Free Keyword Niche Finder www.wordstream.com/keyword-niche-finder
  12. Pro Tip #2: Use the Keyword Planner to steal ideas from your competitors and heroes.
  13. Step 3: ü Long Tail
  14. Step 3: ü Long Tail ü Evergreen
  15. Pro Tip #3: Use Google suggestions.
  16. Pro Tip #4: Scroll down to see related searches.
  17. Step 5 Keep going.
  18. More ways to find long-tail keywords: • Dig through your keyword referrals in Google Analytics • Browse sites like eHow, Yahoo Questions, and Quora for topics – Questions make AMAZING keywords for blogging! • Browse Wikipedia (Table of Contents, “See also”)
  19. 2 Blog Management
  20. Inspired?
  22. Businesses who blog are more likely to see a 13x positive ROI than those who don’t blog (HubSpot, State of Inbound 2014)
  23. Create An Editorial Calendar
  24. Have a Backlog of Post Ideas
  25. Vary Content Types
  26. Create an Organized Inbox
  27. Key Takeaways 1 Create an editorial calendar 2 Have a backlog of ideas 3 Vary the types of content you post 4 Keep your inbox organized
  28. 3 Optimize
  29. Tip 1: Your main keyword should be the one with the most traffic volume.
  30. For example: www.yourbusiness.com/blog/best-selling-perfumes Best Selling Perfumes of 2014
  31. Tip 2: Write great headlines. A great headline is an art form.
  32. How to Write Great Headlines: • Use lists • Create curiosity • Make it clear that your content is actionable • Address your reader directly
  33. Tip 3: You don’t have to keyword stuff!
  34. Instead of keyword stuffing, focus on: • Subheadings • Image file names and alt text • Anchor text • The meta description
  35. Deep Dive: Subheads
  36. Example Blog Post Outline: TITLE: Guide to Using Social Media for Business I. Intro: How many people use social media daily? II. Who is using social media? III. What is social media used for? IV. How to use social media
  37. Tip 5: Link Internally
  38. Tip 6: Write follow-up articles to your most popular posts
  39. Tip 7: Don’t forget about post-publish optimization • Does the keyword appear enough times? • Can you include more related keywords? • Can you build more external links with some targeted outreach? • Can you better address the intent of the keyword?
  40. Blog Promotion & Optimization 4
  41. Optimize Blog Posts for Sharing
  42. CTA & Subscriber Sidebar
  43. CTA & Subscriber Sidebar
  44. Promote Your Blog!
  45. Social Media Promotion
  46. Tweets with images generate 31% more visits. (HubSpot)
  47. Promotional Through Email
  48. Paid Promotion 1 Social media 2 Outbrain 3 Remarketing
  49. Website Placement 1 Homepage 2 Related product pages 3 Subscriber page 4 Content downloads
  50. Q&A #Blog100 @Gsosk & @Egabbert
  51. Additional Reading from HubSpot: “How to Get 100,000 Blog Subscribers”
  52. Grade Your AdWords Account" Grade Your AdWords Landing Pages" www.wordstream.com/google-adwords! www.wordstream.com/landing-page!