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Guy Kawasaki's 10 Tips for Building a Social Media Following

Social media is great for content, but if no one follows your brand, you'll be talking to yourself. Learn how to build a large social media following with 10 exclusive tips from Guy Kawasaki. To see the full video recording, click here: http://bit.ly/1cuzX91

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Guy Kawasaki's 10 Tips for Building a Social Media Following

  1. HOW TO GET MORE FOLLOWERS Presented by: GUY KAWASAKI Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  2. Meet Your Expert @GuyKawasaki Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  3. Who is Guy ? •  Former Chief Evangelist of Apple •  Founder of Alltop, an online news aggregation site •  Thought leader & social media master (over 5 million social media followers) Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  4. 1. Start Yesterday Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  5. Plan ahead with… Free Template: The Social Media Publishing Schedule CHECK IT OUT Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  6. 2. Segment the Services People" Five
 Ps of 
 SM" Perceptions" Passions" Pinning" Pimping" Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  7. Listen to the free, ondemand webinar: Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Tips for Building a Social Media Following CHECK IT OUT Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  8. 3. Make a Great Profile Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  9. 4. Curate and Link Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  10. 5. Cheat Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  11. 6. Restrain Yourself Social Media Posts! Self-Promotion Guy Kawasaki! Good Content #SocialMediaTips!
  12. Learn from… The Social Part of Social Media: A Love Story CHECK IT OUT Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  13. 7. Add Bling Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  14. Use these… 160 Free Business-Themed Stock Photos (No royalties, no fees, no worries) CHECK IT OUT Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  15. 8. Respond 70 comments Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  16. 9. Stay Positive or Stay Silent Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  17. 10. Repeat Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  18. Check out Guy Kawasaki’s latest book!" " By attending today’s webinar, you will receive a free online version of this book!" " APEthebook.com" " bit.ly/apecommunity " Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  19. “78% of Salespeople using social media outsell their peers.” The data says it all, but sales should go beyond social media engagement and flow into email communicate that *matters.* Download Signals to learn more. GetSignals.com Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!
  20. THANK YOU! Guy Kawasaki! #SocialMediaTips!