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Generate Traffic and Conversions on Your Blog... Without Creating Another Post

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Wondering how many more blog posts you need to write in order to increase your search rank? Think again: there IS a way for you to increase blog conversions and traffic without publishing new content.

In this on-demand Google Hangout, Uberflip VP of Marketing Hana Abaza chats with HubSpot's Principle Optimization Marketing Manager on how to increase blog conversions... without creating another post!

Check out the page here: http://offers.hubspot.com/generate-traffic-and-conversions-on-your-blog-hangout

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Generate Traffic and Conversions on Your Blog... Without Creating Another Post

  1. 1. @uberflip#uberwebinar How to Generate Traffic & Conversions on Your Blog… Without Publishing Another Post Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza Pamela Vaughan Principle Marketing Manager, Optimization, HubSpot @pamelump
  2. 2. @hanaabaza@pamelump Context matters ! Blog Audit Yay for Tuesdays! Listicles / How-To Posts? Meh. !
  3. 3. @hanaabaza@pamelump Blog Hiatus Avg. pageviews increased by 19.7% Avg. unique visitors increased by 19.5% Email open rate increased by 5% Email CTR increased by 3% !
  4. 4. @Uberflip
  5. 5. @Uberflip
  6. 6. @Uberflip
  7. 7. @hanaabaza@pamelump 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing - TopRank COMPANIES ARE CREATING MORE CONTENT THAN EVER BUT THEY CAN’T MAKE IT WORK 79% say they are unsuccessful at proving ROI - cmo.com
  8. 8. @Uberflip Great Content Isn’t Enough (dirty little secret)
  9. 9. @Uberflip (dirty little secret) Great Content Isn’t Enough You need a remarkable content experience to meet your goals.
  10. 10. @hanaabaza@pamelump So… How Do You Optimize For Leads?
  11. 11. @hanaabaza@pamelump Calls-to-Action Clear Contextual Targeted
  12. 12. @hanaabaza@pamelump Clarity Is the action and value obvious?
  13. 13. @hanaabaza@pamelump Context ! !
  14. 14. @hanaabaza@pamelump …is everything. !
  15. 15. @hanaabaza@pamelump L
  16. 16. @hanaabaza@pamelump J
  17. 17. @hanaabaza@pamelump TARGETING
  18. 18. @hanaabaza@pamelump Personalized
  19. 19. @hanaabaza@pamelump We boosted blog subscribers by 9X in one month with this guy.
  20. 20. @hanaabaza@pamelump Blog Post Title: What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down
  21. 21. @hanaabaza@pamelump Landing Page
  22. 22. @hanaabaza@pamelump Landing Page CTA Overlay
  23. 23. @hanaabaza@pamelump 250% increase in conversion Landing Page CTA Overlay
  24. 24. @hanaabaza@pamelump The Aftereffect?
  25. 25. @hanaabaza@pamelump Targeted Timely Useful (resources) Video (converts) 54% Open Rate 18.2% CTR
  26. 26. @hanaabaza@pamelump What We’ll Cover … 1.  Historical optimization: why you should be optimizing your “old” blog content, and what that entails 2.  “Best practices”: why you should beware of them (especially when it comes to optimization), and rely on your own data/testing
  27. 27. @hanaabaza@pamelump The Content Saturation Dilemma: 55M Posts/Month Published on Wordpress Alone
  28. 28. @hanaabaza@pamelump On HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, we realized …
  29. 29. @hanaabaza@pamelump On HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, we realized … •  76% of our monthly blog views came from old posts.
  30. 30. @hanaabaza@pamelump On HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, we realized … •  76% of our monthly blog views came from old posts. •  92% of our monthly blog leads came from old posts.
  31. 31. We came to two conclusions … We should conversion optimize high- traffic posts. We should search engine optimize high- converting posts. 11 2
  32. 32. @hanaabaza@pamelump In other words, get more out of the content we already have.
  33. 33. Historical Conversion Optimization How-To: • Identify top-viewed old posts • Identify which keywords people are using to find those posts / which keywords they rank for • Incorporate those same exact keywords into the calls-to-action used in the post • Create new offers where existing offers aren’t relevant
  34. 34. @hanaabaza@pamelump Blog leads from organic search has increased by 85% in the last 12 months …
  35. 35. Historical Search Engine Optimization How-To:
  36. 36. @hanaabaza@pamelump Blog traffic from organic search has increased by 125% in the last 12 months …
  37. 37. Now, a lesson in optimizing based on your own data rather than “best practices” …
  38. 38. @hanaabaza@pamelump We analyzed 11 of our top-converting posts, and found that … •  End-of-post banner CTAs contributed an average of just 6% of posts' total leads. •  Between 83% and 93% of each post's leads came from anchor text CTAs and internal link CTAs. •  Between 47% and 93% of a post's leads came from the anchor text CTA alone
  39. 39. In a nutshell, it’s always better to see for yourself.