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Maximize Bussiness Growth with Sales Secrets



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Maximize Bussiness Growth with Sales Secrets

  1. 1. “Success is processional. It results from a series of small disciplines.” - Tony Robbins
  2. 2. “The old ways of on-boarding, training, and coaching sales teams aren’t working for a workforce whose expectations are rapidly evolving. Social, mobile, and real- time are the Table stakes for effective programs to drive change, learning, and productivity.” - Woodson Martin SVP products, salesforce.com
  3. 3. “7 of 8 companies failed to achieve profitable growth, although more than 90% had detailed strategic plans.” - Harvard Business School (Bain consulting study)
  5. 5. View the full webinar here:!
  6. 6. Meet Your Experts: Mark Roberge SVP Sales and Services at HubSpot @markroberge Walter Rogers CEO of CloudCoaching International and Baker Communications @walterrogers Tony Robbins Author and Peak Performance Strategist @TonyRobbins Barry Trailer Managing partner and co-founder of CSO Insights
  7. 7. CSO Insights! The 2 Millimeter Shift! You don’t need to dismantle and rebuild your entire sales organization or attempt to transform the system overnight.! Source: CSO Insights and CCI!
  8. 8. What’s Different Between Coaching and Non-Coaching Firms?! 2x likely to be a trusted partner than non-coaching firms! ! 2x as likely to be viewed as a preferred vendor! ! +17% hit their quota! ! +24% forecast deals won!
  9. 9. Pathways to Growth! “Success is processional. It results from a series of small disciplines.”! ! -Tony Robbins!
  10. 10. The Three Pillars of Progress! III. Get Into Action! Unlock & Unleash Alignment & Integration= Power Achieve Success Contribute Celebrate Massive Action II. Get the Best Strategies/ Mentor/Tools/ Map/Coaching for Results I. Get Laser-Focused, Make It Clear & Compelling What? Why?
  11. 11. ! ! !MASTER THE SALES TEAM MEETING! Purpose: Team Goal Review and Alignment! Nobody improves just by calling out a number. Within the environment of the sales team, conversation is the currency of growth. ! D2
  12. 12. Most Companies Align by Function! MARKETING SALES Generate inbound leads Convert leads Ø  Campaigns focused on Mary and Erin Ø  Weekly Marketing status meetings Ø  Targeting company-wide lead goals Ø  Persona-specific sales processes Ø  Weekly sales status meetings Ø  Targeting person-specific revenue goals Deliver Leads Deliver Customers SERVICES Make customers successful Ø  Product-specific services process Ø  Weekly services status meetings Ø  Targeting product- specific customer success goals
  13. 13. HubSpot Aligns by Buyer Persona Owner Ollie Team (1-100 employees) Marketing Mary Team (100-2,000 employees) Enterprise Erin Team (2,000+ employees) Group Sales & On-Boarding 1-to-1 Sales & On-Boarding Multi-Level Sales & On Boarding Ollie Marketing Ollie Sales Ollie Services Mary Marketing Mary Sales Mary Services Erin Marketing Erin Sales Erin Services
  14. 14. DISCIPLINE 2 !
  15. 15. ! ! ! !LEARNING HUDDLES
  16. 16. HubSpot Example:! ! “FILM REVIEW”!
  19. 19. ! ! ! !MASTER 1:1 MEETING! D8 StrategyStoryState
  21. 21. HOLD SALES TEAM ACCOUNTABLE FOR EFFECTIVE COACHING!Morning Afternoon 1st Day of Month 2nd Day of Month VP Meets with Director Ø  Review Skill/Development Plans for each sales person Director Meets with Manager Ø  Review Skill/Development Plans for each sales person Manager Meets with Sales Person Ø  Discuss qualitative performance Ø  Review individual metrics Ø  Co-Create Skill/Development Plan Sales Person / Manager Independent Reviews Ø  Think through qualitative performance Ø  Review individual metrics Ø  Think about Skill/ Development Plan
  22. 22. Diagnose the Skill Issue: Start at the Top! * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation Each Color Represents a Different Sales Rep
  23. 23. Diagnose: 
 “Peal Back the Onion” on Metrics for More Insight! Lead-Worked-to-Connect Ratio Connect-to-Demo Ratio * Data has been altered from actual HubSpot data for the purposes of this presentation
  24. 24. Co-Creating the Skill/Development Plan! ONE-ON-ONE AGENDA Ø Self assess qualitative performance Ø Self assess quantitative performance Ø Agree on a skill to work on – prefer one Ø Co-create a development plan Ø Schedule the plan
  26. 26. THANK YOU!

Notas do Editor

  • 10:55 – 11:00 Preshow:Hubspot & CCI Welcome Slide
  • 11:00 – 11:05 Webcast Introduction: (Amanda) Introduce Mark, Tony, Walter, and Barry
  • 11:00 – 11:05 Webcast Introduction: (Amanda) cover housekeeping items. Amanda transitions to Mark.
  • 11:05 – 11:10 CSO Insights | 2MM: Mark kicks off webinar & speaks to CSO Insights – leading research company, credibility, etc.,Mark: “Barry, CSO Insights just completed a study focused on Sales Management. Barry, can you elaborate on what were some of the highlights from the study?” (Note to Mark: 2MM Shift Slide)Barry spends 5 minutes on state of industry stats and findings, ending with a statement that leads to a discussion on PTG & 2 millimeters (90 sec overview)Mark asks Barry “can you tell us more about Sales Coaching vs Non-Coaching” … (Note to Mark: Advance to next slide: difference between Coaching vs Non-Coaching)
  • Barry: speaks to slide 17% 24% higher –Positive Coaching Culture>>2mm WhitePaper – more in detail – 6x higher in coaching group vs non-coachingMark - Thanks Barry – (Note to Mark: advance to Pathways to Growth Slide)
  • 11:15 – 11:20 Pathways to Growth 9Ds: Mark prompts discussing of leadership transformation>>PTG, how HubSpot and PTG came about and transitions to asking them about the story of PTG. – Mark asks: Working on individual achieving ….How 2MM Applies to Sales Leadership – Transition to Tony
  • Tony Feedback on 2MM: Tony then spends a few minutes on 2 millimeters concept and how 2 millimeters can propel you from good to outstanding through >>>>The 3 Pillars of Progress & Victory is near!When managers engage in these behaviors, they see real sales results: 30% more reps meeting quota, a 26% increase in pipeline, and 161% more sales wins.
  • 11:20 – 11:252MM &Discipline 2 Master The Sales Team Meeting: discuss 2MM start disciplines discussing with Discipline 2 Mark: asks Walter: What’s the 2MM difference in the Master Sales Team Meeting. Walter:Typical sales team/11 hrs/outcome – rethinking of focus and purpose, goals, outcome, aligning, motivating. HS poster child – mark tell us HS experience. Mark elaborate on HS.Mark sets upDiscipline 3 & 7. – Individual coaching level
  • What you should use for each photo Profile pic: logo Cover photo: can change it up based on what you have going on
  • What you should use for each photo Profile pic: logo Cover photo: can change it up based on what you have going on
  • 11:25 – 11:30 Discipline 3 Learning Huddles & Discipline 7 Ride-Along/Call-Along: Mark asks Walter question: What’s the 2MM on 3 & 7Walter: learning culture, examples, 5% less attrition, HS – similar process – transition to Mark. Mark discusses “sales reviews”, recordings, feedback, hot-seat., etc.Mark asks Walter about Discipline 7. Walter discusses D7, example of beverage company, double category placements within 1 yr. HS great example. Walter ask Mark to discuss HB Success. – Mark discusses HS D7.Mark. Transitions to Discipline 8 Master 1:1 Mtgs– Mark asks Tony give overview of State, Story, Strategy.
  • Learning huddle – perfecting the demp
  • Pre-Call prepManager listens during the callPost-mortem analysis of the call
  • 11:40 – 11:45 Discipline 8 Master 1:1 Meetings: Tony Overview of Reps Strategy Story: Tony picks up and spends 10 min how a manager has to help influence his reps state, story and strategy, and that the Master Sales Team Meeting is a perfect forum to do that. Tony discusses SSS. Tony: all the strategies in the world – right story in your head, not going to make a difference. (weight-loss example: *big bone*, need to right strategy to align with what’s in their head to see success. Mark responds “unique blocker” (example, last job, childhood, preventing, obstacles) – Sales Metrics Coaching – diagnose “blocking” story – coach to overcome – <<Amanda insert slide on process>>
  • I know going into the meeting what the issues are. However, we will co-create them.Review in advance to see where the issues areSelf assess qualitativeReview metrics (show a chart, what do you see here, I can run through a number of slide examples of the types of metrics we looks at)Based on quant and qualitative, what would you prefer to work on. Choose 1. Problem is choosing too many.How can I help with it? Document the activity.Put the activity in the calendar. Seek out advice on how others did it. Rep that overcame recently. Sometimes reps submit their goal setting plans INTEGRATE THIS WITH RYPPLE FLOW BELOWlook for reps that have same deficiency and match mentors
  • Helping the sales reps reach their goals through 1-1 coaching
  • Dianne to update screenshots11:51 – 11:52 Walter CCI PTG Online – Walter Provides overview of PTG Free PreviewMark ask Walter about ELearning Special Edition magazine. (Note for Mark – advance to ELearning Slide)
  • Dianne to update screenshots11:51 – 11:52 Walter CCI PTG Online – Walter Provides overview of PTG Free PreviewMark ask Walter about ELearning Special Edition magazine. (Note for Mark – advance to ELearning Slide)
  • ElearningMag – Walter briefly explain publication, published in June. Explains PTG Free Preview – Go to CCI.com
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