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25 Inspiring Quotes From Experts Shaping the Future of Marketing

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25 Inspiring Quotes From Experts Shaping the Future of Marketing

  2. It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re bogged down by the everyday grind of marketing.
  3. In any given day, you’re crafting emails, sending tweets, A/B testing, drafting blog posts, optimizing workflows, planning events, creating visual content … among 1,000 other things.
  4. With all you have going on, it’s hard to stay inspired to create marketing people love.
  5. To help bring some inspiration back to your marketing, here are 25 quotes from three experts who are shaping the future of marketing.
  6. Nate Silver Founder, FiveThirtyEight.com INTRODUCING
  7. “The signal is the truth. The noise is what distracts us from the truth.”
  8. “Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge.”
  9. “Success makes you less intimidated by things.”
  10. “We're not that much smarter than we used to be, even though we have much more information -- and that means the real skill now is learning how to pick out the useful information from all this noise.”
  11. “We're living in a world where Google beats Gallup.”
  12. “Good innovators typically think very big and they think very small. New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look. And they are sometimes found when you are doing your most abstract and philosophical thinking, considering why the world is the way that it is and whether there might be an alternative to the dominant paradigm. Rarely can they be found in the temperate latitudes between these two spaces, where we spend 99% of our lives.”
  13. “We must become more comfortable with probability and uncertainty.”
  14. “There's always the risk that there are unknown unknowns.”
  15. INTRODUCING Seth Godin Best-Selling Author
  16. “You can’t fool all the people, not even most of the time. People, once unfooled, talk about the experience.”
  17. “What people want is the extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.”
  18. “You market when you hire and when you fire. You market when you call tech support, and you market every time you send a memo.”
  19. “You can game social media in the short run, but not for long.”
  20. “Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. Every time we waste that opportunity, every page or sentence that doesn’t do enough to advance the cause, is waste.”
  21. “Well, if you don’t have time to do it right, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it over?”
  22. “Good marketers tell a story.”
  23. “The media wants overnight successes (so they have someone to tear down). Ignore them. Ignore the early adopter critics who never have enough to play with. Ignore your investors who want proven tactics and predictable instant results. Listen instead to your real customers, to your vision, and make something for the long haul. Because that's how long it's going to take, guys.”
  24. “Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.”
  25. “Products that are remarkable get talked about.”
  26. “Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”
  27. “True fans are hard to find and precious. Just a few can change everything. What they demand, though, is generosity and bravery.”
  28. Scott Harrison Founder, charity: water INTRODUCING
  29. “Time, energy, and talent can be more important than budget.”
  30. “Many charities go out and just ask people for money. We ask people for their voice.”
  31. “I wanted to reinvent charity. I thought it had become stigmatized. The word means ’love,’ and I truly believe that giving time, talent, money is wholly redemptive.”
  32. “Making people feel guilty is one of the most useless things you can do.”
  33. “Inspiration is difficult to measure, but the results driven by that inspiration are powerful.”
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