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Click2cast from spot4sim

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spot technologies presents click2cast 4

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Click2cast from spot4sim

  1. 1. Manufacturing Technology Click2CAST by solidThinking “Identify & correct defects without the learning curve (or price).” spot technologies Your spot 4 all-things solidThinking www.spot4sim.com Featured product from SPOT Technologies: Click2CAST
  2. 2. Design & Manufacturing Casting Simulation Software That is Fast. Easy. Accurate. Affordable. Allows users to enhance and optimize their cast components in 5 Simple Steps.
  3. 3. Click2Cast Process Templates
  4. 4. New in 4.0 Multi-Material Support Cores Sleeves Chillers Secondary Molds
  5. 5. New in 4.0 Process Template for Investment Casting
  6. 6. New in 4.0 Better Porosity Visualization
  7. 7. Click2Cast Technology • Finite Element Method (Accuracy) • Dual Phase Model (Accuracy) • Fast Meshing (Ease of Use) • Fast Solve time (Scale) • Single package, one price, all process templates for mold filling and solidification included  Perform a mold filling simulation and evaluate design concepts in minutes rather than hours and days.  Incorporate Click2Cast into traditional design processes to efficiently optimize designs and avoid typical casting defects.
  8. 8. How does Click2Cast Fit into the Design Process? Traditional Design Process Click2Cast Design Process FAIL
  9. 9. Examples of Defect Identification and Correction with Click2Cast
  10. 10. Porosity Case 1: simple porosity defect example
  11. 11. Air Entrapment Case #2: simple air entrapment defect example
  12. 12. Missruns Case #4: simple missrun example
  13. 13. 5 Simple Steps for any Casting Simulation in Click2Cast!
  14. 14. Step 1– Geometry (Import & Setup)
  15. 15. Step 2 – Define the Ingate and Mesh
  16. 16. Step 3 – Set up the Process Parameters
  17. 17. Step 4 – Run the Calculation
  18. 18. Step 5 – Analyze the Results
  19. 19. Filling Simulation Results Filling time provides a visual analysis of how quickly the part is being filled. Solid fraction is very useful for preventing potential problems resulting from lack of material due to solidification. The Pressure option is useful for comparing pressures used in your machine.
  20. 20. Solidification Simulation Results Temperature: This option shows changes in temperature during filling. Solid fraction: Any material that solidifies will disappear from the animation and any liquid material will be represented in red. Solidification times: Control the solidification time at each point of the component.
  21. 21. Solidification Simulation Results Shrinkage porosity is the most common type of porosity and is generally found on parts with a large surface area. The solidification modulus is the difference between the volume and the area. It is used to calculate the size of the riser needed to prevent the shrinkage porosity using the riser designer tool. The Mold Temperature shows the change in the temperature of the mold during solidification.
  22. 22. Download Click2Cast & Try it out Now! Just Takes 5 Steps! Thank You!
  23. 23. Demonstration Thank you, Spot Technologies www.spot4sim.com 312-772-0303