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What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

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What is a panic attack and how can you tell when what you’re experiencing is one? When you get the feeling that something bad is going to happen and you have no reasoning for that feeling or you feel like there’s a cloud of doom over your head, that’s part of a panic attack. But the attack doesn’t remain confined to feelings only. The attack spreads out to physical health issues.

Having a panic attack can be a difficult experience and they’re very scary, especially if you’ve never experienced one before. A panic attack can occur and you might think that your heart is trying to stop beating.

Or that it’s beating erratically in an arrhythmia. Don’t blow it off as a simple case of the jitters brought on by every day stress. A panic attack is not a reaction to ordinary stress. It goes above and beyond a reaction to stress.

If not properly treated, panic attacks can alter your way of life. Everything from your romantic relationships to your peace of mind can be affected. There are physical symptoms present when a panic attack happens and learning the symptoms is the first step to understanding that these symptoms are real and that treatment is needed.

Every person who experiences panic attacks will have a wide range of symptoms. You might only have a few or you might get a lot. One of the main symptoms of panic attacks is the feeling that you’re going to die.

This feeling will come out of the blue and there won’t be anything that brings it on. It simply shows up. Another main symptom is a racing heartbeat. The heartbeat can be so hard and fast that it feels like you’re having a heart attack. That’s one of the symptoms caused by a panic attack that sends many sufferers to the hospital to get their hearts checked.

Difficulty swallowing or feeling like your throat is restricted or closing up is another symptom of a panic attack. Sweating, a little or profusely, can be another sign that you’re having a panic attack.

Some people with panic attacks report that they feel like they’re walking off balance or that the room is spinning. Others will have visible signs of trembling or shaking. Headaches, chest pains and trouble breathing are all part of a panic attack as well.

With all the physical signs of a panic attack, you can’t simply bring them on and make them happen at will. They just happen. The key to getting rid of them, however, is to keep them from coming on in the first place. Panic Away teaches you how to know when a panic attack is going to occur and how you can stop them from occurring.

By giving Panic Away a try, you’ll see how you can get relief that helps with your panic attacks. You’ll get a way back to being you. What you won’t get with Panic Away are empty promises - a prescription that won’t help or a program that has you do wild or off the wall treatments. Panic Away will give you the tools to tame the anxiety in your life.

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