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The ChildLine Takeover (Paul Stollery and Matt Watson)

The ChildLine Takeover winners' campaign plan

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The ChildLine Takeover (Paul Stollery and Matt Watson)

  1. 1. 1 © Hotwire PR2016 The challenge How do you raise money and awareness amongst a cross section of society with a powerful, positive message? Research by the Charities Aid Foundation shows that people under 30 don’t match the generosity of the over-60s when it comes to charitable donations - over 60s are twice as likely to donate to charity than those under 30. Meanwhile, in the wake of the collapse of Kids Company, charities have been warned by the Charities Commission that public trust has been impacted significantly. In order to raise a sizeable amount of money, we need a campaign that reaches a cross section of society. So how do we reach both the young and the old? With a creative idea that will play out across channels. One that’ll engage on both social media and in the traditional press. Challenge
  2. 2. 2 © Hotwire PR2016 Our approach How do we maximise the impact of a campaign with the budget available? With a focused approach that’ll work across channels. Launch a focused campaign of high impact activity around ChildLine’s anniversary to act as a platform that will generate maximum returns and awareness annually Deliver a fully integrated communications campaign that will provide multiple opportunities to engage target audiences and encourage word of mouth Empower the public to support ChildLine by showing how they can make a difference to children’s lives and giving them the tools they need to help raise funds Enlist the support of high profile supporters and influential people in the public eye to raise awareness of the ChildLine service and engage the general public Strategy
  3. 3. 3 © Hotwire PR2016 A telethon without the telly When Children in Need launched in 1980, it raised £1 million. It was a bold campaign to raise awareness and funds, and it did so through the only medium capable of reaching the masses at the time: television. Concept Television is no longer the only channel that holds the public’s attention. What would Children in Need look like if it was launched in 2016? An annual telethon without the telly, created for an always connected, multichannel world. Of course, grabbing attention is easier said than done. ChildLine needs a single event you can build towards across multiple channels. Something big, bold and eye catching, which will work hard to maximise the budget available and can be repeated annually. And that’s exactly what we propose with the ChildLine Takeover.
  4. 4. Partnering with TFL, we’ll conduct a one day tube line takeover, taking the Victoria line and rebranding to the Child line. Fundraising events will take place up and down the Child line, capturing the imagination of the nation and raising money and awareness across the country. The ChlidLine Takeover will be an annual event. Year one will focus on London, but in following years it’ll be rolled out across the UK. From a bus route in Pontypridd to the Manchester Metrolink, everywhere needs a Child line.
  5. 5. 5 © Hotwire PR2016 Media launch Introducing the ‘Child line’ Since 1986, ChildLine has helped more than four million children. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly how many people take the tube each day. To highlight just how many children ChildLine has helped, we will partner with Transport for London and the Mayor of London to rename the Victoria line as the ‘Child line’ for 24 hours – on ChildLine’s thirtieth anniversary (30th October 2016). To launch the ‘Child line’, the Mayor of London will take a trip on the line with a carriage of pre-briefed ChildLine counsellors and spokespeople. We will invite national and broadcast media to the opening of the ‘Child line’ for a photo call with the Mayor and interviews with ChildLine counsellors and spokespeople about the thirtieth anniversary. In advance of the day, we recommend that Childline invests in an above the line campaign. Execution
  6. 6. 6 © Hotwire PR2016 On the day Fundraising events up and down the Child line The day itself would feature fundraising events up and down the Child line, featuring celebrities, high profile public figures, local businesses, schools as well as the public. We’ll empower the public to fundraise themselves by publishing a fundraising pack online. This will also be used to drive traffic to ChildLine’s website. Celebrity fundraising ideas: Marathon man: Eddie Izzard runs the entire length of the tube Celebrity buskers: Jake Bugg and Ellie Goulding busking on the tube The Great British Bake Sale: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry running a cake stall Public engagement ideas: Walk the line: A sponsored walked of part or all of tube line (above ground) Throw a birthday party: Throw a party at home, in the office or in the pub to raise funds for Child line Cake sale: The classic British fundraising idea! Fancy dress: Dress like a super hero on the tube! Execution
  7. 7. 11 PR budget: £45k Summary: Launch the annual Childline takeover, rebranding the Victoria line to the Child line Execution: Fundraising events will take place up and down the Victoria Child Line, from celebrity buskers to the Great British Bake Sale. Digital amplification: A combination of bloggers, vloggers, influential Twitter users, patrons, celebrities and passengers will drive nationwide engagement with the general public. Awareness: High profile figures will launch the campaign and lead activities throughout the day.