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Social Media for B2B

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This SlideShare is part of a presentation given to clients when asked why they should invest in social media. This presentation gives some top line facts about social media for B2B (and B2C).

Please note, this is part of a larger presentation and offers key points. If you would like to know more or have use present to your company then please email us at hello@honey-digital.com

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Social Media for B2B

  1. 1. B2B Social MediaUsing social media for your companyFebruary 2013Prepared by Honey Digital
  2. 2. B2B social media ● Only 26% of businesses frequently include calls to action in their tweets – 49% never include a call to action ● 70% of business ignore complaints on Twitter ● 83% of people who complained on Twitter liked or loved a response by the company ● 58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing ● 72% of marketers handle social media themselves, the rest outsourceSource: All Facebook; Social Times; Media Bistro
  3. 3. Why use social media?Source: Marketo
  4. 4. Which channels work best?Source: Marketo
  5. 5. Best B2B areas for social media● Thought leadership● Customer relations● Brand-building● Marketing/audience insights
  6. 6. When it comes to social mediayou must...● Listen to understand your audience● Engage on existing networks● Action and manage the conversation● Extend the business valueThe key five points to remember are: ● Articulate ● Connect ● Engage ● Influence ● Integrate
  7. 7. Measuring success: the value of socialmedia Source: MDG
  8. 8. How to work out your engagement Source: Social Bakers
  9. 9. Measurement, ROI & TimeframeMeasuring success is based onmeasurement results, e.g. ● Growth: Increase in quality followers, Likes, Plussers, video likes ● Social Reach: Increase in social presence and influence (Klout) ● Increase in engagement
  10. 10. Thank youFebruary 2013