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Email Marketing Metrics and Reporting with Excel Dashboards

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In the world of email marketing, accurate data is essential. Learn how to use good old‑fashioned Excel to manipulate and interpret your data without wasting precious time. Holly Wright will show attendees how to creating robust, custom reports that can be refreshed with just a few clicks, and she'll share a report that is near and dear to her heart—something she refers to as MEGA-REPORT! In addition to talking briefly about the key metrics she looks at on a regular basis, she’ll share a step-by-step process for bringing messy, raw data into Excel, cleaning it up without wasting your entire day, and generating custom, dynamic dashboards that translate into meaningful marketing insights.

Get the dummy mega-report here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9baa6q836pukqi/Dummy-Email-Performance-Report-Final.xlsx?dl=0

Originally presented at The Email Design Conference 2015 (hosted by Litmus, by Holly Wright, Email Marketing Manager at Phoenix Direct (Atlanta, GA).

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Email Marketing Metrics and Reporting with Excel Dashboards

  1. 1. Holly Wright Phoenix Direct Excel Dashboards For Email Marketing @Hollygowrightly
  2. 2. So, you wanna make a spreadsheet? @Hollygowrightly
  3. 3. Oh, you want to make it pretty and dynamic, too? @Hollygowrightly
  4. 4. Where should you start? @Hollygowrightly
  5. 5. Why don’t we start with a little story… @Hollygowrightly
  6. 6. There once was an email marketer named Polly @Hollygowrightly
  7. 7. Meet Polly. @Hollygowrightly
  8. 8. Polly had tons of data about her email programs. @Hollygowrightly Gold chains half off! 14,231 subscribers 19.6% open rate 0.12% contact loss rate Ruby rings on sale! New bracelets for Fall!23% click rate 4.5% click-through rate $8,538 in revenue 14 campaigns
  9. 9. But it was messy, and it got messier everyday. @Hollygowrightly Gold chains half off! 14,231 subscribers 19.6% open rate 0.12% contact loss rate Ruby rings on sale! New bracelets for Fall! 23% click rate 4.5% click-through rate $8,538 in revenue 14 campaigns Emeralds are back! 14,231 subscribers 19.6% open rate 28.7% click rate Toe-rings! Hooray!!14,231 subscribers 0.12% contact loss rate 0.14% contact loss rate 0.11% contact loss rate Hoop earrings that will throw you for a loop!15,678 subscribers 34% list growth YOY 60% revenue growth YOY 18 contacts lost $10,948in revenue $9,223 in revenue Diamond watches Monograms! Leather watch bands! Numbers, Numbers, NUMBERS!! WHAT ? ! ? !
  10. 10. Meet Excel. @Hollygowrightly
  11. 11. Excel wasn’t the coolest kid on the block. @Hollygowrightly
  12. 12. He could be moody and irritable, for sure. @Hollygowrightly
  13. 13. And he was hard to understand at times. @Hollygowrightly
  14. 14. But he was pretty dang smart. @Hollygowrightly
  15. 15. A beautiful friendship was born. @Hollygowrightly
  16. 16. Excel helped Polly organize all her data into neat columns and rows. @Hollygowrightly Gold chains half off! 19.6% open rate Ruby rings on sale! New bracelets for Fall! 23% click rate 4.5% click-through rate 14 campaigns Toe-rings! Hooray!! 0.12% contact loss rate Hoop earrings 15,678 subscribers 18 contacts lost $10,948 in revenue Diamond watches Monograms! Leather watch bands!
  17. 17. Excel also helped Polly visualize her data so she could make better choices. @Hollygowrightly
  18. 18. @Hollygowrightly Polly’s world was never the same, and she was cool with that.
  19. 19. @Hollygowrightly The end.
  20. 20. @Hollygowrightly So how does one use Excel for an email marketing dashboard in the real world?
  21. 21. Let me tell you a different story… @Hollygowrightly
  22. 22. @Hollygowrightly That’s ME!!!
  23. 23. Like Polly, I had a lot of data to try and wrangle. @Hollygowrightly
  24. 24. I work at a full service ecommerce agency called Phoenix Direct. @Hollygowrightly
  25. 25. Meet the team!
  26. 26. We have several major clients @Hollygowrightly
  27. 27. Mostly in men’s apparel @Hollygowrightly
  28. 28. But also… @Hollygowrightly
  29. 29. Some women’s apparel @Hollygowrightly
  30. 30. And also… @Hollygowrightly
  31. 31. a nuts company! @Hollygowrightly
  32. 32. I had waaaay more data than Polly. @Hollygowrightly
  33. 33. The thing about clients… @Hollygowrightly
  34. 34. I had to be very smart in setting up my reports. @Hollygowrightly
  35. 35. I decided to set up one super-intelligent, do-it-all report called MEGAREPORT! @Hollygowrightly
  36. 36. But how? @Hollygowrightly
  37. 37. @Hollygowrightly Enter my husband, Ned
  38. 38. First, a new vocabulary term: Sustainable Excel WorkbooksTM @Hollygowrightly
  39. 39. Sustainable Excel WorkbooksTM “Excel workbooks that utilize formulas and tabs strategically so new raw data flows seamlessly through your tabs to one or more dashboards.” @Hollygowrightly
  40. 40. What makes an Excel workbook “sustainable” ? •  Dates are dynamic •  Messy data is cleaned up automatically •  Exceptions are taken into account •  Complementary sets of data are married automatically •  You don’t have to refresh a bunch of pivot tables or macros •  You don’t have to do a bunch of manual sorting •  Ranking and filtering works “behind the scenes” •  Dashboards update dynamically and automatically @Hollygowrightly
  41. 41. Seem like a lot? @Hollygowrightly
  42. 42. “You are a tool.” - Dan Denney @Hollygowrightly
  43. 43. To get started, I like to think about the beginning and the end. @Hollygowrightly
  44. 44. Huh? @Hollygowrightly
  45. 45. Step 1. Figure out what data you have Step 2. Figure out what you want it to tell you @Hollygowrightly
  46. 46. Step 1. Data considerations •  Sources •  Formatting •  Common denominators @Hollygowrightly
  47. 47. Step 2. Envision the final product •  Timeframe •  Key metrics •  Charts or graphs •  Ordered Lists @Hollygowrightly
  48. 48. Start at the beginning and the end. @Hollygowrightly
  49. 49. Oh! @Hollygowrightly
  50. 50. Design your dashboard @Hollygowrightly
  51. 51. @Hollygowrightly Connect the dots
  52. 52. Structure your workbook @Hollygowrightly
  53. 53. Clean up your data @Hollygowrightly
  54. 54. The good news? @Hollygowrightly
  55. 55. If Statements @Hollygowrightly =IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)
  56. 56. If Statements @Hollygowrightly =IF(B4<100, “”, A4) =IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)
  57. 57. Data types @Hollygowrightly
  58. 58. Match up complementary data @Hollygowrightly
  59. 59. Vlookup @Hollygowrightly =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_array, column, [range_lookup])
  60. 60. Index-Match @Hollygowrightly =INDEX(column_you_want_a_return_value_from, MATCH(lookup_Value, column_you_want_to_lookup_against, Enter “0”))
  61. 61. Done! @Hollygowrightly
  62. 62. Filtering and Sorting @Hollygowrightly
  63. 63. @Hollygowrightly
  64. 64. Filtering and Sorting… the SustainableTM Way @Hollygowrightly
  65. 65. Rank @Hollygowrightly =RANK(number, reference_range, [order])
  66. 66. Rank @Hollygowrightly =RANK(B4, B2:B250, 0) =RANK(number, reference_range, [order])
  67. 67. Dates @Hollygowrightly
  68. 68. Text @Hollygowrightly =TEXT(value, text_format)
  69. 69. Text @Hollygowrightly =TEXT(B4, “dddd mmmm dd, yyyy”) =TEXT(value, “text_format”) This will turn “8/28/15” into “Friday, August 28, 2015”
  70. 70. Today @Hollygowrightly =TODAY()
  71. 71. Concatenate @Hollygowrightly =CONCATENATE(value1, value2, value3, value4...)
  72. 72. Concatenate @Hollygowrightly =CONCATENATE(B4,“ ”,C4) =CONCATENATE(value1, value2, value3, value4...) This will turn “Holly” and “Wright” into “Holly Wright”
  73. 73. Using * to search strings @Hollygowrightly
  74. 74. Using * to search strings @Hollygowrightly =IF(A4=“*Full Price*”, “Full Price”, “Other”)
  75. 75. Conditional Formatting @Hollygowrightly
  76. 76. Mega-Report …in action! Check it out on Dropbox! @Hollygowrightly
  77. 77. A couple more notes… @Hollygowrightly
  78. 78. Buttons (AKA: internal links) @Hollygowrightly
  79. 79. Hyperlinks @Hollygowrightly =HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])
  80. 80. Hyperlinks @Hollygowrightly =HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name]) =HYPERLINK(Z4, “view campaign”)
  81. 81. Drop-downs @Hollygowrightly
  82. 82. Shufflepoint A paid service we use to pull data from Bronto and Google Analytics automatically. You don’t need this, but we use it since we have so many client reports to do each period. @Hollygowrightly
  83. 83. What about data you can’t export? Create a “Manual Inputs” tab. @Hollygowrightly
  84. 84. What about macros? No thanks, they tend to break and they throw up annoying warnings for your stakeholders. @Hollygowrightly
  85. 85. @Hollygowrightly What the heck are those curly brackets? Don’t fear the Array function… {=IFERROR(INDEX...)}
  86. 86. Polishing your dashboard @Hollygowrightly
  87. 87. Some Tips… @Hollygowrightly
  88. 88. Use super-skinny columns @Hollygowrightly
  89. 89. Use a simple color scheme @Hollygowrightly
  90. 90. Pick a font @Hollygowrightly
  91. 91. Hide the extras @Hollygowrightly
  92. 92. Set your print area @Hollygowrightly
  93. 93. Aaaaaand we’re done! Hooray! @Hollygowrightly
  94. 94. In summary… You can create your own mega-reports using some or all of these tools, plus whatever other tools you need for your particular data. @Hollygowrightly
  95. 95. Share your mega-reports with me! Or ask me questions if you get stuck! Good luck! Twitter: @Hollygowrightly @Hollygowrightly
  96. 96. Thank you @Hollygowrightly