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Genre survey results

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Genre survey results

  1. 1. Genre survey results http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1643698/Genre-research SurveyGizmo
  2. 2. Most of the people who answered my survey were female. I shared this on two social networking sites and it could be that possibly more females took notice and time to answer it. However I did get enough male answers to get relevant information from my survey.
  3. 3. I found that most people who answered my survey were in the 16-18 bracket, this could possibly be because I shared it on a social networking site so people my age were the typical ones to see it on there. However I did manage to get older and younger results from family members and friends.
  4. 4. I was very surprised by my results as I thought most of my feedback would favour the comedy or romance genre however it turns out that over half prefer the action genre over any other I made available and in fact none of my results favoured romance at all! I am very happy with this feedback because I was contemplating creating a romance trailer and I would have attracted a much smaller local audience compared to the creation of an action trailer.
  5. 5. I suspected that the audio would be favoured on this question because I personally believe that audio has a HUGE impact on any trailer as it builds tension, enhances storyline at grabs the audiences attention. However I did not think that Range of shot types would be so well favoured, I though that characters and style would be largely voted for. Therefore, I now know to include a wide range of shots in my trailer.
  6. 6. It really surprised me that romance was not voted for as main trailer genre yet was most successful for the sub-genre votes. This shows that an audience may not want the whole story to be about romance but an element of it adds a good impact to a film/trailer. It did not surprise me that comedy as a sub- genre scored so high, many people like to be entertained when they watch a trailer!