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#HIQTravellerMeetup with the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

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HolidayIQ celebrates the spirit of wanderlust with it's top travellers over an exclusive evening with Chef Valencio Cadavida from the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu.

To be a part of future events, write in to community@holidayiq.com

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#HIQTravellerMeetup with the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES •To curate a seamless community experience for the reviewers of Mumbai •To design a campaign to explore the passion for travel in the alluring setup of the hotel •To showcase various facets of JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu to the HolidayIQ community •A stage to highlight the voice of the top travelers of Mumbai
  3. 3. CONCEPT •Conversations and delicious Asian cuisine in Mumbai created by Japanese Masterchef Venecio Cadavida • •The pre and post communication focused on the master class on sushi rolls curated by JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu • •Merits and nuances of travel in India shared by the reviewers of HolidayIQ
  4. 4. PARTICIPANTS PARTICIPANTS Mahima Mehta Television Actor/Model Sargam Gupta Nutritionist/Anchor /Actor Veeral Pathak Brand Solutions and Marketing Manager, Midday Shifa Merchant Lifestyle Blogger
  5. 5. PARTICIPANTS PARTICIPANTS Satish Desa Creative Director, Soho Square Daya Gupta Vice President, Topper TV Brijesh Jaiswal DSB Bank, Mumbai Head Harsh Sekhsaria Entrepreneur and Travel Photographer
  6. 6. • Travellers shared pictures of the venue and the interesting menu created by the hotel leading to a lot of visibility The post event album created a lot of buzz on the Facebook page
  7. 7. TOTAL REACH – 4,50,000 TOTAL LIKES - 500
  8. 8. •Capitalizing on the massive following on the HolidayIQ Twitter page we created engaging twitter contest leading to a lot of pre event buzz Content ignited and engaged the twitter audience around sushi love Important nuggets were tweeted from the event to spark interest and drive conversations
  9. 9. • Hashtag Reach Impression #HIQTravellerMeetup 25000 50,000 #MumbaiSushied 5,50,000 9,00,000 Total 5,75,000 9,50,000
  10. 10. Pre promotion, live feed from the event and engagement by the travellers led to an increase in reach on Instagram #HIQTravellerMeetup - 70,000
  11. 11. Direct mailers are sent to entire base of reviewers on HolidayIQ The mailer received an excellent open rate giving it a wider visibility and buzz among reviewers REACH – 3,00,000
  13. 13. OVERVIEW The theme being sushi it aided as a strong complement to the event and ruled conversations on social media The masterclass by Chef Venecio Cadavida and the extensive menu led to a lot of engagement among participants
  14. 14. THANK YOU