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Metrics vs. analytics

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TMA's Talent Analytics Module: Metrics vs. Analytics

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Metrics vs. analytics

  1. 1. METRICS vs. ANALYTICS Advancing from HR Metrics to Talent Analytics
  2. 2. “You really can’t have actionable analytics without well-designed metrics”
  3. 3. Talent metrics can also be known as workforce analytics and measure tangible data such as headcount, attrition, and compensation. Talent analytics provide strategic talent insight and are designed to measure intangibles in a future-focused manner to predict possible outcomes. Analytics align metrics to business strategy and illustrate correlations and trends within multiple (and often complex) data sets.
  4. 4. Talent Management Talent Programs Talent Analytics T A L E N T I N T E L L I G E N C E STRATEGIC BUSINESS VALUE
  5. 5. Metrics Analytics Transactional Reporting Strategic Analysis Provides a standard & tangible system of measurement Provides a systematic analysis of data or statistics to gain insight Measures single data points Connects multiple data points Provides quantitative counts and information Provides systematic computational analysis of data or statistics Guides tactics and operations Drives strategy and alignment States the past and present States the past, present and predicts the future Provides outputs of counts and rates Provides outputs of patterns and trends Informational Transformative
  6. 6. Metrics