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Diving Deeper Into Growth Metrics by Priya Singhee (Vudu at Walmart)

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Growth Hacking World Forum, San Francisco, 2019

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Diving Deeper Into Growth Metrics by Priya Singhee (Vudu at Walmart)

  1. 1. Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 1
  2. 2. Background Head, Marketing analytics @Smule2 Growth Analytics @ Flipboard & GofundMe Director, Customer insights & Data Science @Vudu1Current Past Customer Insights @ VMware4 Growth Analytics @ Flipboard & GofundMe3 Please swing by for some Vudu treats at the end of the talk
  3. 3. Growth KPI’S Re- engagement Retention Conversion Acquisition Engagement GROWTH Build a growth model Define, Refine KPI’S  Steer clear of vanity metrics  Know your user lifecycle Digging for Gold  Do UX research  Identify what sticks  Beware of empty calories By Mktg channel, Geography, Device Platform Anomaly detection tool
  4. 4. Growth Model Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 4 Total Mins Watched # of Users Signed-in user Completion rate Unique visitors Signup Stream free movie Mins watched /User  Identify true ”North Star” metric that explains core value of your business  Unpack the variables that drive it  Build a multi-variate regression model that explains how delta change in one metric impacts the overall outcome Existing user Re-activation churns retain Back New user re-activation churns Day X retention convert
  5. 5. Steer clear of vanity metrics Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 5 What does an ”active user” imply? DAU: A user that launches the app DAR: A user that reads past 4 pages because that is when they see the first ad opportunity Back 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 DAU vs DAR DAU DAR Oscars push
  6. 6. Know your user lifecycle: Why does it matter? Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 6 Visit Signup Convert 1 Repeat 2 3 4  Sending user lifecycle emails  Setting Attribution window  Analysis of A/B test results0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 % of conversion that happen on Day X fast conversion slow conversion Back
  7. 7. Identify the few features/actions that make your product sticky Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 7  If you could have your user take only one action what would that be? Back
  8. 8. UX research is useful to understand “Why” Diving deeper into growth KPI'S 8  Data exploration and A/B testing can explain “What” is happening..  To understand the “Why” go to UX research  If possible tie back research results to “actual” user activity (transactions, streams etc) Back
  9. 9. Financial impact Beware of empty calories ✓ Acquisition & Conversion (Traffic, New Accounts) ✓ Re-engagement (Active, Dormant, Lapsed customers) ✓ Monetary ( Pre/Post :ARPU, Margin, CLTV)✓  It’s critical to evaluate long term benefits of your partnership/promotional programs  Clean reliable tracking OR instrumentation is key to this.