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What's new in Collaborate 4.1 webinar slides 8th June 2017

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Collaborate gives organisations one seamless platform for secure file sharing, extranets, project management and process optimisation to drive productivity and efficiency.

The latest version of Collaborate 4.1 provides new features to help you speed up digital transactions and manage your projects more efficiently.

New features include:

Project Management - new "Kanban" visual task boards for agile project management
eSignature integration - for enhanced digital transaction management
iSheet improvements - such as auto-save, drafts, versioning and audit history

You can watch the 30 minute on-demand webinar here:


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What's new in Collaborate 4.1 webinar slides 8th June 2017

  1. 1. Collaborate 4.1 Product update, June 2017
  2. 2. highq.com • Agile task management • DocuSign and Adobe Sign integration • iSheet drafts, auditing, versioning and row locking • Improvements to the Sites, Activity, Users and Files APIs • Activity stream integration with HighQ Publisher dashboards Collaborate 4.1
  3. 3. highq.com • “Kanban” style visual task management boards • New Card view now available from the view dropdown • Drag and drop tasks from one column to another • Columns can be grouped by task Status or List • New custom statuses with custom colour coding • Tasks can be imported from Excel for templating Agile task management
  4. 4. highq.com • Integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign • New "Send to" option in files action menu • Recipient does not need to be a member of the site • Track eSigning status directly from Collaborate • Signed docs automatically added as a new version • Full audit trail including “Certificate of completion” Electronic signature integration
  5. 5. highq.com • Auto-save and manual save as draft when editing records • Full audit trail of actions at iSheet and individual record level • Full version history with view, restore and comparisons • New row locking option to prevent simultaneous editing • New slide-in and inline options for iSheet field descriptions iSheets drafts, audits, versions and locking
  6. 6. highq.com Demo.
  7. 7. highq.com Collaborate 4.1 • 4.1.2 - main release • Agile task management • DocuSign and Adobe Sign integration • iSheet drafts, auditing, versioning • Available immediately
  8. 8. highq.com Collaborate 4.1 • 4.1.4 - supplemental release • iSheet row locking • iSheet description options • Larger iSheet modal and alerter fields • API improvements • Available early July
  9. 9. highq.com • Client UAT instance now upgraded to version 4.1.2 • Release notes available in the knowledge base: • http://kb-collaborate.highq.com/version-4-1-2-release-notes UAT and release notes
  10. 10. highq.com HighQ Drive • Universal App with support for iPad • Slide Over and Split View support • Option to auto-update offline files • Bug fixes and performance improvements • Support for latest versions of Collaborate • Available now in the App Store
  11. 11. Questions? highq.com