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YangHE benefit of_physical

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YangHE benefit of_physical

  1. 1. Activities • Walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, balancing • Bending, stretching, tumbling • Rolling/throwing/kicking/catching balls • Batting/dribbling balls or hitting a ball with large bats Benefits • Strengthening the heart and lungs • Building strong muscles and bones • developing eye-hand and eye-foot coordination • Increasing energy and better eating and sleeping habits • Releasing tension • Learning social skills • Build self-esteem their full range of motion Safety • Equipment is well maintained • Clutter hazards are removed • Adults actively supervise • Provide various types of equipment in quantities Bibliography • Pimento, B. & Kernested, D. (2008). Healthy Foundations in Early Childhood Settings. Nelson Education Ltd. • http://images.google.ca