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The Digital Employee

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Employees, at all levels, in all organisations, now have access to a wide range of information, technology and channels. This is changing the way employees behave, such as building insights from various external sources, learning ‘socially’ and using their own devices at work. It’s also changing the relationship with organisations: increasingly employees expect information and engagement in different ways, they want greater visibility from their leadership, and more and more they are looking to collaborate and innovate within the workplace.

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The Digital Employee

  1. 1. DIGITAL EMPLOYEE The A MOBILE NATION Be more like Apple Employees want organisations to innovate like Apple, Google and Coca-Cola (Fu tureStep) Can’t find what we’re looking for? We have the technology The traffic at lunchtime There are more than 30 million smartphone users in the UK; and mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop by 2014. Many of us have better technology at home than at work, and half of us could be using our own devices for work by 2017 (Gartner) 90% of Gen Y surveyed worldwide said they check their smartphones for updates in email, texts and social media sites, often before they get out of bed (CISCO) Traffic on Twitter and Facebook reaches a peak between 1pm and 4pm during the week (Social Media Today) 1pm 4pm 73% say they search for what their CEOs are saying in social media (Weber Shandwick) The number of employees working on the commute is rising; and 1 in 10 say they have increased pressure on them to work on the daily commute (GFI Software) Produced by 106 Communications MOBILE DESKTOP Gartner predicts over 70% of Global 2000 organisations will have at least one gamified application by 2014 31 million active UK gamers 47% female and average age 30 G ame fo r anyt h ing ? We’re a nation of gamers Wake App! 90% 73% Working on the train Working on the train We spend on average 20% of our time at work looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues (McKinsey) 20% Checking out the CEO The most popular time to access Linkedin is before (7-9am) and after (5-6pm) work (Social Media Today) Away from prying eyes and 75% of respondents said they check work emails at the weekend; and 10% have done so at a wedding (GFI Software) Weekends weddings
  2. 2. DIGITAL EMPLOYEE Employees are fundamentally digital and expect organisations to be and think digitally. This is important in: The Produced by 106 CommunicationsPART 2: THE DIGITAL EMPLOYEE SERIES Engaging colleagues and building a successful culture Driving successful collabor ation and innovation Leaders communicating and engaging colleagues in their vision Your employee s are digital and want to be engaged digitally. Allow employee s the chance to choose how they want to consume information and connect w ith colleague s. Unlock the power of your entire workforce by encouraging collaboration and innovation in new and exciting ways. The way teams work no longer has to be as linear as before. Ideas can come from anywhere. Collaboration should cut across levels and functions. Cascading information can be slow and cumbersome; leaders have the ability to make a far-greater connection with their teams and workforce than ever before, and create a leadership perspective that builds reputation externally as well as internally. Produced by 106 CommunicationsFor further info contact henry@106comms.com Colleagues connecting with customers Attr acting great talent into the organisation Organisations have often talked about their people being their biggest advocates; now there’s an opportunity for organisations to enable their employees to connect with customers like never before, and help drive greater levels of customer satisfaction. Like your current employees, your future employees are digital and want to be engaged digitally. Look at who you want to target, and how best to engage your audiences, build your reputation and hire the very best people. The four A’s to mov ing towards a digital employee e xperience: Create clear insight into your employees’ digital habits and professional motivations. It is critical that you segment your audiences, to be able to build a relevant and authentic strategy. Analysis Ambition Think about what is the best possible digital experience for your employees. Don’t be restricted by what is and what platforms you might or might not have. Create a plan to get you to where you want to go, even if it might take years. Attitude Be disruptive. Digital engagement is not simply about imitating others or bringing in the latest platform. It is about a clear purpose, focus and plan, that you are determined to deliver on. Agility Things change – and in the digital space, it’s quick. Be agile in your thinking and execution, and be ready to adapt as you go. Some things will work well; some may well fail. Learn and move on.