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Pitch 1 helena zhao

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Early Stage pitch on Lambda School

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Pitch 1 helena zhao

  1. 1. Lambda School A Revolutionary New School that Invests in Students
  2. 2. Agenda Industry Overview Company Profile Business Model Competitive Landscape Financials Risks Exit Opportunities Future Plans
  3. 3. Challenges 6 biggest challenges students face when choosing an online course Estimating actual costs (tuition, books, etc) 2016 #1 #2 #6 #5 #3 #4 #3 #4 #5 #6 #2 #1 2017 Applying for financial aid and identifying sufficient funding sources Finding a program that met my needs and interests Finding information about how graduates fared in the workplace Finding sufficient information about academic requirements Contacting a real person to ask detailed question about specific programs
  4. 4. Rising Student Loans 2013 TotalBalance (inbillions) 2014 2015 2016 2017 $1,155 $1,079 $1,231 $1,316 $1,386 In total, the student loan debt outstanding in the country was $346 billion in 2004 and has increased to $1,386 billion as of late 2017. This represents a 302% increase in the total student loan debt in just 13 years. On average, the total student loan balance has increased by $80 billion each year since 2004. In short, the online education market will see that the role of certifying organizations increase, more interest in virtual and augmented realities, as well as strengthen the company’s own potential: more social learning and mentoring.
  5. 5. Lambda SchoolLambda School A School that Invests in Students Lambda School provides first-rate online education that’s free until students get a job Rather than pay upfront, students pay a portion of their income (ISA) after they’re hired. The education model allows students to build up subject mastery before they move onto the next subject. Founded in 2017, headquarter loctaed in San Francisco Bay Area, US. Total Funding Amount: Executives $48.1M Austen Allred Co-Founder & CEO Jocelyn Robancho VP of Operations Ben Nelson Co-Founder & CTO Caleb Hicks CPO
  6. 6. Lambda School Web Development iOS Development UX Design Data Science Android Development Available Courses Past Employment from the Noun Project
  7. 7. Pay part of the tuition $10,000 upfront and sign the ISA, pay 17% of your first-year salary (Max cap = $15,000) 2 Business Model The company generates revenue base off of three payment plans 3 Pay the full tuition $20,000 upfront Pay $0 upfront and sign the ISA, pay 17% of your first two years’ salary (Max cap = $30,000) 1
  8. 8. Competitive Landscape A global tech education school and courses are all taught in person. Both full-time and part-time programs are available. Curricula focus on UI/UX and web designs. Career services are offered to help students land a job after the program Offer a 12 weeks full-stack developer training program. Students learn in an immersive environment through hands-on projects to build Ruby on Rails and JavaScript applications. Cost of a program is $17,000 (Source: cio.com) GA offers a wide range of courses other than coding; courses are offered in person and online. Career services are available to students as well. Cost of a program is about $14,950 (Source: cio.com)
  9. 9. Competitive Advantage 1 2 Course Options Inventive 3 Lambda School covers more in-depth CS topics such as Data Structures & Algorithms and operating systems. This sets college grads from typical boot camp grads when it comes to technical interview prep Live-classes Lambda School gives students incentives to get a job. If students don’t get a job, then they don’t get a percentage from their paycheck. Thus, they will be more incentivized to make sure you get a well-paying job Students can interact with other peers and faculties, which means a more supportive network. Unlike other online education schools such as Udacity, which provide a lot of online recorded tutorials
  10. 10. Revenue Analysis 2018 Upfront plan 2 2017 half plan 3 2017 plan 2 income Total 2018 Revenue $2,000,000 =$5,942,000 $1,713,600 $428,400$1,800,000 2018 Upfront plan 1 Assumptions: Lambda School has approximately 1,000 students in 2018 (Source: Forbes, business insider) 80% of ISA students choose plan 3, 20% of ISA students choose plan 2 Reasons: Most students who choose ISA in the first place have financial issues, so the chance of them wanting to pay $10k is way less than the chance of them paying $0 at the beginning. Also, online learning is still a new concept to a lot of people, so it is normal for them to remain skeptical at first and choose not to pay
  11. 11. Company Valuation
  12. 12. Risks Constantly changing schedules and lack of notices to students about these changes Understaffed and ill-prepared for implementation and delivery ISA could be adopted by other big companies such as Udacity or Udemy, which have more courses than Lambda Disrespectful instructors or students and no direct contact makes this learning environment easily off-control Disorganized Structures Competitions Indirect Interactions The company has quietly cut about five percent of its staff since August 2018 across multiple offices globally. It’s not clear exactly what is going on at Udacity to prompt the layoffs, either in terms of the existing business or what it may have planned for the future. Complaints from students saying that instructors have been rude to students and due to a lack of communications and interactions, conflicts can happen and hard to resolve
  13. 13. Exit Opportunities Online learning has grown exponentially during the first decade of the twenty-first century. During the fall of 2009, 5.6 million students took at least one online course. This number of students represents an increase of 21% over the previous year Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected total revenue in the online education industry would reach $107 billion in 2015, and it did. Now, forecasts show triple the income of 2015; the e-learning industry will grow to $325 billion by 2025 Google acquired Workbench, a Baltimore-based company that provides an online library of lessons and projects. It also offers a programming interface where students can do coding exercises and control Bluetooth-connected devices that are integrated with the platform
  14. 14. Future Opportunities Every online student will have access to a smartphone or tablet to assist and guide them during their studies. Students no longer need to sit at a particular place to finish their work Three-quarters of online university students claimed they had undertaken their degree for “career-focused reasons.” It’s crucial for online students to gain the same access to careers advisors and professional guidance Trough the use of technology, students are encouraged to learn from projects that allow them to demonstrate real-world skills. Students will interact with their peers and faculties as they research, present, and broadcast their ideas Mobile-Friendly Career Support Project-Based Learning
  15. 15. Lambda School A Revolutionary New School that Invests in Students