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Passive Voice 中2年生

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Passive Voice 中2年生

  1. 1. Name____________________ Date__________________ Day________________ Class_________ Goal: 受け身 Passive Voice 日本語 過去形 過去分詞 日本語 過去形 過去分詞 食べる eat ate eaten やる play played played 作る make made made 見る see saw seen 話す speak spoke spoken 止まる stop stopped stopped 使い use used used 触る touch touched touched 結婚して いる marry married married 生まれる bear born born 主語 be 動詞 過去分詞 〜〜〜 英語の受け身の使い方 1. News Reports:_________________ 例: The man was stopped bythe police. 2. Historical Reports:_______________ 例: The first Coca-Cola was made in 1886. 3. Event news:__________________ 例: Obama was seen in Tokyo, today. 4. Explaining rules:_______________ 例: Your textbooks will be used in this class. 5. Other:______________ 例: English is spoken in many countries. 例: Are you married? No, I am not married. Part 1. Q& A 例: Q: What is made in Tsukechi? A: Kurikinton is madein Tsukechi. 1. Q: When is Osechieaten? A:______________________________________________________. 2. Q: What language is spokenin Japan? A:______________________________________________________. 3. Q: How many sports are played at Tsukechi Junior High School? A:_______________________________________________________.