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SharePoint Saturday Boise 2019 - Microsoft Teams Demystified

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Dive in
Content Panda CEO, Simeon Cathey demystifies Microsoft Teams be showing you:
-When and where to create a Team
- Managing your files
- Do's and Dont's
- Integrating other apps in Teams
- The worst in Teams
- Safety net, go with confidence

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SharePoint Saturday Boise 2019 - Microsoft Teams Demystified

  1. 1. Dive In. Explore. Collaborate! Presented @SPSBoise by: Simeon Cathey
  2. 2. SharePoint Saturday Friday Simeon Cathey CEO, Content Panda https://www.linkedin.com/in/simcat/
  3. 3. www.tisbest.org
  4. 4. • Tax deductible • Choose from 1.3m US charities • Search charities by location • Biodegradable recycled plastic • 100% goes to charities, zero fees Go to: www.tisbest.org
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda 1. What is Microsoft Teams? 2. What Tool to Use When 3. Does Teams Require SharePoint? 4. Teams Demonstration 5. Teams Clients 6. Platform Requirements 7. Teams Licensing 8. Tips & Tricks 9. Organizing Teams 10. Guest Access 11. Archive
  6. 6. Not In Today’s Agenda 1. License Administration 2. PowerShell 3. Service Administration 4. Network Planning 5. Security & Compliance 6. eDiscovery
  7. 7. Similar applications
  8. 8. What is MicrosoftTeams? If = Then =
  9. 9. Chat-based workspace in Office 365 A hub for teamwork Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365 Chat for today’s teams Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know Customizable for each team Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs every day.
  10. 10. Chat for today’s teams People can see content and chat history anytime Team chats and activities are visible to the entire team Use private chats for small group conversations Mobile access on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  11. 11. A hub for teamwork Chat, content, people, and tools live in a team workspace Voice and video meetings right within Teams Built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote and Planner Work with Office and other documents right in the app
  12. 12. Customizable for each team Create different channels for work streams and topics Add tabs to frequently used files and cloud services Get updates from the apps your team uses every day Customize notifications so you don’t miss important info Build integrations with developer preview APIs
  13. 13. Memberships and Roles Team owners are able to invite anyone in the organization they work Three roles in Teams: • Owner: person who creates the team or assigned the role. Responsible for managing team-wide settings and membership, including invitations • Team member: the people that have been invited to join the team • Guests: Office 365 users who are outside of your tenant can be added to the team by team owners (more info @ aka.ms/guestaccesshelp)
  14. 14. Office 365: Supporting the unique workstyle of every group Mail & Calendar Outlook Voice, Video & Meetings Skype Chat-based Workspace Teams Sites & Content Management SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Enterprise Social Yammer
  15. 15. SharePoint • SharePoint Online is a required component for Teams. • If you don't have SharePoint Online enabled in your tenant, Teams users are not always able to share files in teams. • Users in private chat will not be able to share files because OneDrive for Business is required for that functionality.
  16. 16. Meet Microsoft Teams (demo)
  17. 17. Full-functioned chat client that can be used from a variety of browsers. Doesn’t yet support conferencing. Desktop Provides support for audio, video, and content sharing for team meetings, group calling, and private one-on-one or private multi-party calls. Mobile Geared at users participating in chat-based conversations while on the go , and currently allows users to have peer-to-peer audio call. Clients for Microsoft Teams Web
  18. 18. Platform Requirements Web Edge: 12+ Internet Explorer: 11+ Chrome: 51.0+ Firefox: 47.0+ Safari (coming soon) Desktop Windows 7+ (7, 8, 8.1, 10) Both 32 & 64 bit available Mac OSX 10.10+ Mobile Android 4.4+ iOS (iPhone and iPad) 10+ Windows Phone 10.0.10586+
  19. 19. Plan Teams Clients • Are there any restrictions preventing users from installing the appropriate Teams client on their devices? • What are the preferred methods chosen to deploy Teams?
  20. 20. Microsoft Teams Licensing Requirements Business Essentials Business Premium Enterprise E1 Enterprise E3 Enterprise E5 Enterprise E4 (retired) Education Education Plus Education E5 Education E3 (retired)
  21. 21. Microsoft Teams License Assignment By default, the Microsoft Teams license is enabled for all users assigned with the eligible Office 365 subscriptions
  22. 22. Meeting with external users • Outlook invite • Web access • Phone dial in (need audio conferencing)
  23. 23. Guest access • Guest access is a tenant-level setting in Teams and is turned off by default • Once enabled, a team owner in Teams can add and manage guests in their teams via the web or desktop.
  24. 24. Apps and Actions from the Command Box • /whatsnew – This has to be the most useful one given the speed that MS release changes these days. This takes you to the Release notes tab in the T-Bot channel. Worth a regular check. • @Wikipedia – Allows you to do a Wikipedia search. Returns a summary that you can click on to go to the full Wikipedia page. • /goto – If you have a lot of teams or channels or spend a lot of time, as I do, in the Chat part of teams then this is a good way to hop straight to your destination. • /files – Shows your recent files and allows you to search and go to the file you want rather than having to click around your teams to find what you need. • /keys – This is a shortcut to show shortcuts. Nice quick reference for the MS Teams Keyboard Shortcuts. • /call – This allows you to type the first few letters of the person you want to call and select them to call. In big organizations, this could be very time-saving. • /help – Pretty self-explanatory and straightforward. A really good quick way to ask a question of the Teams help via the T-Bot. • /saved – This takes you straight to your list of saved messages.
  25. 25. Chats & Conversations • Reply – The ‘Reply’ option under each conversation should be used to add further points to that conversation. • New Conversation – The bottom chat entry is used to start a new chat, this is the one most commonly misused to reply to the conversation above. • Conversation on a Document – To start the conversation on an existing document, open the document in teams and then click ‘Start Conversation’ at the top. To start on a new document click the paperclip and upload the document, this will start the conversation and upload the document to the files tab at the same time. • Subject – When creating a conversation it is good to add a subject – By Clicking the ‘A’ icon you get more edit options. Adding the title helps keep focus and context to that conversation. • @mention – Also when starting a conversation or asking a specific question, it’s good to use the @mention functionality to either get the whole channel's attention, by using the name of the channel, or a given team member name. The relevant people then get alerted to this new reply or conversation. • GIFs – In both chat and conversation, if it is enabled on your Microsoft Teams by the administrator, you can brighten up everyone's day and use the GIFs. Just click the GIF icon and have a look around, don't blame me if it distracts you from your work for a while. • Meetings – I have already mentioned this earlier in the post, but worth a mention again – you can also click the camera icon here to either start a meeting now or schedule one for the future.
  26. 26. Book Marking Messages This is a handy piece of functionality that allows you to save a particular message, or more accurately a position in a conversation or chat, just by clicking on the sash icon at the top of the message: Then you can recall all your saved messages by clicking on your profile picture top right and selecting ‘Saved’ or possibly quicker would be to type in the command bar '/saved'. This gives you a list of all your saved points and on clicking on them takes you back to the point in the conversation you saved them from.
  27. 27. Navigation
  28. 28. Tabs for everything! Show iConnectus • Onenote • Wiki • Doc Lib • Dev opps
  29. 29. Recording
  30. 30. Teams as templates
  31. 31. Structure Teams • Collection of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects Channels • Dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized • Places where everyone on the team can have open conversations • Can be extended with Tabs, Connectors and Bots
  32. 32. Security teams trust Broad compliance standards support: Accessibility, ISO27018/01, SOC 1 and 2, HIPAA, EU Model Clauses & more Information protection with Archive, eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, Auditing and Reporting1 Tier-C Compliant Data encryption at all times, at-rest and in-transit. Multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection. 1 Archive, eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, Auditing and Reporting are in E3 and above suites.
  33. 33. Simeon Cathey www.contentpanda.com Q&A