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ECX2014 Pinkoi 網站使用者經驗設計的二三事

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ECX 2014 電子商務經驗設計論壇
E-Commerce Experience Design 2014

講者:顏君庭 / Pinkoi 共同創辦人兼執行長

Publicada em: Design
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ECX2014 Pinkoi 網站使用者經驗設計的二三事

  1. 1. facebook  @pinkoi  
  2. 2. Opportuni?es Global Etsy  1.8+  B/yr,   Houzz,  Pinterest   Selling  design  is  an   emerging,  trendy   and  profitable   business. Asia No  Such  PlaKorm  &   Community.   But  there  are  mul?-­‐ ple  new  emerging   design  capitals.
  3. 3. Three  Founders  -­‐  Peter,  Mai,  Mike facebook  @pinkoi  
  4. 4. Peter  Yen          CEO  /  Cofounder   Responsible  for  overall  strategy,  merchandising,  business  opera?ons,  partner   rela?onship.  Previously  team  lead  at  Yahoo  Social  Search  Group  (Sunnyvale),   senior  engineer  at  TrendMicro  (Cuper?no),  and  Intel  research  lab;  M.S  in   computer  science  from  Carnegie  Mellon  Univ.  &  Na?onal  Taiwan  Univ. Maibelle  Lin          CCO  /  Cofounder   Responsible  for  product  roadmap,  UX  /  UI,  marke?ng  strategy  &  all  things  design   related.  Previously  par?cipated  in  mul?ple  startups  in  Silicon  Valley  such  as  Affinity   Circles  (Mt.  View),  Zammee  (Mt.  View)  &  Paper  Culture  (Burlingame);  M.F.A  in   Design  +  Technology  from  Parsons  School  of  Design  &  Na?onal  Chengchi  Univ. Mike  Lee          CTO  /  Cofounder   Responsible  for  technology,  opera?on,  mobile  architecture  &  engineering   infrastructure  and  innova?on  development.  Previously  a  business  owner  of   bou?que  café  (Taiwan),  self-­‐employed  tech  consultant;  M.S  in  engineering  from   Na?onal  Chiao  Tung  Univ. Team
  5. 5. The  Pinkoi  Team   twi[er  @pinkoi  
  6. 6. Three  Founders  -­‐  Peter,  Mai,  Mike facebook  @pinkoi  
  7. 7. Problems  &  Challenges Designers CUSTOMERS ? ? ? Designers  lack  of  exper?se  in  business,  marke?ng  &   selling.  Even  good  designers  don’t  necessarily  know   how  to  sell  and  where  to  find  their  customers.     twi[er  @pinkoi  
  8. 8. facebook  @pinkoi  
  9. 9. Our  Vision   To  build  the  largest  online  community  and   marketplace  for  designers  —  a  business  that   can  scale  cross  borders  and  dominate  Asia
  10. 10. 47  countries  worldwide   Taiwan,  Hong  Kong,  China,     United  States,  Malaysia,     Japan,  Macau,  Singapore,     Australia,  Canada
  11. 11. International  Expansion  Roadmap China  &  Hong  Kong 2014  Q3   Japan 2014  Q4   Singapore,  Malaysia   and  Indonesia 2015  Q1   Thailand   Australia   2015  Q2 Market  opportunity  considering  Asia  ci?es  only,  at  least  50B
  12. 12. facebook  @pinkoi   What  defines  products  and  culture?
  13. 13. facebook  @pinkoi  
  14. 14. facebook  @pinkoi   margins  &  paddings  are  important!
  15. 15. facebook  @pinkoi   mobile  first  and  responsive  design?
  16. 16. iOS  app,  Jan  2014   Android,  Apr,  2014  mobile  web,  Apr  2013   twi[er  @pinkoi  
  17. 17. facebook  @pinkoi   page  views  is  not  everything. align  measurements  with  goals
  18. 18. facebook  @pinkoi   1. Are  they  interested?   2. Are  they  engaged?   3. Do  they  create  contents? How  we  evaluate  based  on  goals?
  19. 19. facebook  @pinkoi   Increase  in  page  views  and  dura?on   530%   1. focus  on  product   2. be[er  and  larger  visuals
  20. 20. twi[er  @pinkoi   Follow  us Pinkoi Pinkoi  Japan PinkoiPinkoi
  21. 21. backend,  iOS  &  Android  developers
 Marke?ng,  English  and  Japanese  content  master   UI/UX  designers   
 peter.yen@pinkoi.com   We  are  hiring!
  22. 22. Ques?on?   ありがとう  謝謝  Thank  you!   peter.yen@pinkoi.com twi[er  @pinkoi