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Real Estate Made in Spain

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Hansa Realty is assuring you in this economic climate that Spain is actually showing signs of recovery. In fact the recovery is the highest in the Eurozone and while house prices have dropped and the interest rate is at an all time low, it is the perfect opportunity to contact www.hansa-realty.com to buy a property on the COSTA DEL SOL.
For example Luxury Property for sale in Marbella could very well be the investment, second home purchase in the sun or the new location you have always been dreaming of.
Whilst the £ is strong against the € you should feel safe in the knowledge that Hansa Realty have the professional knowledge and a portfolio of unique luxury properties on the Costa del Sol and resales.
There have been some changes on the Costa del Sol and laws regarding beachside properties are one of them. A number of properties were set to be demolished, however, a change in the law has seen extensions been applied to Residential Properties, Hotels and Beach Bars. Where people previously felt insecure of their future investments they now can comfortably upgrade their property and are free to sell them on.
The construction industry is on the increase and although it will not be at rates previously seen before it has been enough to raise interest in a number of foreign investments to the area.
Rest assured the resale market will gain strength and have waited for their opportunity to sell and they must be feeling slightly relieved to hear that the banks are happy to begin lending again.
First time home buyers will be looking for their place on the home owners’ ladder and the banks are making their offers more attractive to secure the deal.
Just be aware of construction that took place in locations that were left under-developed and are not desirable as investment purchases. The price might seem attractive and they might have been taken over and given a face lift, but don’t be lured by the shiny exterior. Often than not lurking in the background will be low quality build and a multitude of problems relating to services.
Developers bought up the land cheaply in the hope of a quick turn around and left the Costa del Sol with unfinished eyesores and accumulating debts.
Now more control has been put in front of the developers and they have to fulfil the criteria before they are allowed to sell off plan and develop the land.
The advice here is while the prices and rates are still low you would be making a wise investment to buy a property on the Costa del Sol. A mortgage is a daunting prospect, but when the recovery continues rental prices on property begins to rise.
Real Estate in Marbella will always be an attractive option no matter what the economic climate has to say and what the media frenzy fills your fears with.
There will always appear in the Property Market a BOOM – SLUMP – RECOVERY cycle.
Right now as they are highlighting we are in RECOVERY!

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