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Innovation - in a business development perspective (and own biotech experience)

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Innovation is simple, but often misunderstood. In plain terms: Innovation = Invention/idea + Commercialization. What most tend to forget it that the commercialization part is the tricky one.

I gave this presentation to 200+ natural science students today. They are the future and should learn - up front - about the frequently occurring misconceptions on innovation in industry and academia alike.

Enjoy the ride!
Hans Eibe

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Innovation - in a business development perspective (and own biotech experience)

  1. 1. Innova&on?
  2. 2. Innova&on = Inven&on?
  3. 3. Innova&on = Inven&on + Commercializa&on ehhh… commercialization?!
  4. 4. Commercializa&on: Always alterna&ve investments 4% (the bond), 14% (business), 40% (Start up) Inven&ons only weighed 1/6 in a business prospect Competence Customers Organiza&on Finance Reaching enough invoices paid by understanding
  5. 5. When did become an innova&on? Still pending ! – to my standards!
  6. 6. Forms and types of innova&on
  7. 7. Examples of innova&ons
  8. 8. Types of innova&ons a fivefold perfor- mance improvement along key customer needs or ! 30% or more in cost reduction. !
  9. 9. Innova&on = Inven&on + Commercializa&on STOP AND THINK! What invention will you aim for?! Competence Customers Organiza&on Finance How will you commercialize it?!
  10. 10. linkedin.com/in/hanseibe Q & A Thanks! ! ! …and good luck innovating! ! Hans Eibe!