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The Climate Challenge

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The Climate Challenge
Youth Voice Session
Ms. Anya Bukholt Payne, RCE Waikato
12th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting
4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

Publicada em: Governo e ONGs
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The Climate Challenge

  1. 1. How have we made a differenceon climate change? Supporting young people to lead! Why workwith young people? How can weengage and work with young people, and support themto make adifference?
  2. 2. Reach out to them where they are
  3. 3. Make events, meetings and conversation s accessible
  4. 4. Start meaningful, two way, interactive conversations
  5. 5. Share our resources and networks - put them in the same room asdecision makers
  6. 6. Share our power and support them to lead