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Healthy Body and a Healthy and Alert Mind (“Lusog-Busog-Talino”): A Case Study in Nutrition Education

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Healthy Body and a Healthy and Alert Mind (“Lusog-Busog-Talino”): A Case Study in Nutrition Education
Dr. Huberto Zanoria, RCE Cebu
Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting 2018
25-27 September, 2018, Parramatta (Sydney), Australia

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Healthy Body and a Healthy and Alert Mind (“Lusog-Busog-Talino”): A Case Study in Nutrition Education

  1. 1. RCE –Cebu Jarvis Prochina- (MHAM College ) & Huberto Zanoria ( Mandaue City College )
  2. 2. Map – Philippines/Cebu Eversely Childs Sanitarium – as one of the most depressed communities/ as a former sanitarium Philippines Cebu City Mandaue City, Cebu
  3. 3. Jagobiao
  4. 4. Poverty incidence - > 30 % of the total population of 105 million population people High incidence of under-nourishment in urban areas Linked to rural urban migration; limited opportunities in urban centers Poverty , 30% Population Poverty
  5. 5. Limited availability of parents to attend school-related activities Limited funding support for community extension activities of basic education institutions Limited knowledge of primary school teachers on nutrition and health-related concerns of students Sector-focus of line departments ( health, agriculture, social welfare and environment ) Priorities of local government units was more on infrastructure and less on social development concerns
  6. 6. LBT- starts on the premise that a healthy body/ - should also have an effect on mental capacity of the learner Strong networking scheme among service departments, civil society organizations and local government units s an important component Parents can play a crucial role in nutrition education, food preparation and supplementary
  7. 7. Weighing of children – Kindergarten, Grades 1-3 Identification and dialogues with parents of undernourished children Mobilizing mothers : a ) buying vegetables and other food materials  b) trained in food preparation  c ) home gardening 
  8. 8. Internal and external support Village ( barangays ) – initial funding support  city – monthly support CSR counterpart of corporations ( near the school ) A partner university – M/E and technical support
  9. 9. District-wide implementation- among Strengthening village nutrition committees through Inter- agency cooperation/collaboration ( Local Government Units, local and regional Nutrition Councils )
  10. 10. 1. Setting up of Project Assessment 2. End-of project evaluation
  11. 11. Conclusion /learnings
  12. 12. End notes – hubertozanoria @gmail.com