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Eye Catch Presentation Powerpoint

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Eye Catch Presentation Powerpoint

  1. 1. Google Glass Developers eyeCatch Haley, Hayley, Amanda & Sara Social Media Experts and COM 427 Students Newhouse School of Public Communications
  2. 2. App Idea We intend to create a Google glass “word recognition” app, an app that will read and register specified words to assist the busy, the lazy, or the unfortunately oblivious.
  3. 3. Problem / Opportunity https://vine.co/v/hXezD0MlF9K -This app gives you the opportunity to have two sets of eyes. -Pain of rushing, hurrying, missing, “not-seeing”
  4. 4.  We understand BUSY, and we understand LAZY (why do you think people use apps anywho?!) Google glass should choose US to develop our app because as a group we can deliver, and as an app, it will be downloaded, used & greatly appreciated. Unfair Advantages
  5. 5. Sales and Marketing  Social Media. Hootesuite. Plug it. • Take it out into the world
  6. 6. Who Wants “eyeCatch”  People in mass communications  People who live in a city  People who lead busy lives  People who feel that they are oblivious, or constantly saying “where did you find/see/hear about this?!?”
  7. 7. COMPETITION It can’t Yelp Maps Siri We can’t Find places for you without your help; only We can’t show all tells you places nearby options, just what is at that given point in “seen” by Glass. time, not throughout your busy day. Detect your destination as you approach it, you We can’t provide need to type in an mileage, distance, etc.. address beforehand. Take a picture without We can’t “show you the being commanded to do nearest” so.
  8. 8. Team  Haley Schluter- Broadcast & Digital Journalism Student, Social Media Savvy Web Personality, Blogger, Team Developer.  Sara Spiesman- Advertising Student, experienced in Promotions and Digital Advertising Sales departments, Team Developer, Singer, Runner.  Hayley Loft- Advertising Student, experienced in T.V News Production and Digital Advertising, Team Developer.  Amanda Day- Broadcast & Digital Journalism Student, Aspiring reporter, Entertainment News Enthusiast, experienced in Production and Air on Reporting
  9. 9. Connect With Us! Follow our app progress and stay up to date with “eyeCatch” news by typing in our group #hashtag #googleglassdevelopers and follow our app developer @haley_schluter Look around, Tweet me with any “eyeCatching” moments