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Open Government Data, Linked Data, and the Missing Blocks in Korea

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Open Government Data, Linked Data, and the Missing Blocks in Korea

  1. Jump into ActionOpen Government Data, Linked Data, and the Missing Blocks inKorea Haklae Kim, PhD. , December 2011
  2. TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction Summary Open Government Data & Linked Data 2
  3. Let‟s StartHaiti Earthquake 2010 It is one of the worst earthquakes in the world; An estimated three million people were affected by the quake. 3
  4. Let‟s StartOpenStreetMap – Project Haiti A visualisation of the response to the earthquake by the OpenStreetMap community. Source: http://vimeo.com/9182869 4
  5. Let‟s Start“This led to changes in the constitution and the establishmentof a more open government” – WikiLeaks WikiLeaks Data.gov 5
  6. Let‟s StartThe Web as a Global Data Platform .. a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet 6
  7. TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction Summary Open Government Data & Linked Data 7
  8. OverviewWhat is Data? Data is information about things Data is something machines can process Data drives applications (e.g. web sites, mobile services) Data is relations among things 8
  9. OverviewWhat is Open (Government) Data? “Open” material (data) is open if it can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone “Government data” data and information produced or commissioned by government or government controlled entities. Source: Open Knowledge Foundation, 2010 9
  10. • Transparency• Participation• Collaboration“My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level ofopenness in Government.” – Barack Obama “Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies – Transparency and Open Government” Jan 2009
  11. Data.gov – United StatesLaunched on May 21, 2009, Data.gov allows citizens to participate byleveraging federal data sets to build applications, conduct analysis, andperform research.• The first phase of Data.gov features downloadable federal data sets organized by category and federal organization.• Data sets are available for download in XML, CSV, and shape file formats. 11
  12. Data.gov.uk – United KingdomPrime Minister, David Cameron, writes to all government departments, 31May 2010: instructing them to free up more datasets as part of TransparencyAgendaEstablishment of the PublicSector Transparency Boardchaired by Francis Maude,Minister for the CabinetOfficeThe Board will be responsiblefor setting open datastandards across the publicsector, publishing furtherdatasets on the basis of publicdemand 12
  13. 13http://www.practicalparticipation.co.uk/odi/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Open-Data-Impacts-Timeline-Draft-0.1.png
  14. Public Sector DatasetOpen Data Catalogues State / Federal Private data.gov  data.worldbank.org/data-catalog datasf.org  www.undata-api.org/wiki/datasets data.edmonton.ca  gov.opendata.at data.gov.uk  data.reegle.info data.london.gov.uk  openbelgium.be digitaliser.uk  opengovdata.ru geodata.gov.gr data.suomi.fi 14
  15. Public Sector DatasetThe State of Open Government Data Source: http://tinyurl.com/44rub56 15
  16. Case StudiesApplications Postcode Newspaper Where Does My Money Go World Events Visualiser EU Public Data 16
  17. Quick GuidesHow to Open up Data? Two key rules for opening up data • Start out fast, small and simple Keep it simple • Start out with a plan to open up just one dataset, • or even one part of a large dataset is fine • Engage with actual and potential users and reuses Engage early of the data and • The primary users can deliver data to ultimate users engage often by transformation, remix, or distribution. 17
  18. A quick method4 Main Steps for Opening Up Data 1. Choose dataset(s) • the dataset(s) you plan to make open 2. Apply an open license • Determine what intellectual property rights exist in the data • Apply a suitable „open‟ license that licenses all of these rights and terms of conditions 3. Make the data available • in bulk and in a useful format or APIs 4. Make it discoverable • post on the web and organize a central catalogue to list your open datasets 18
  19. TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction Summary Open Government Data & Linked Data 19
  20. OverviewWorld Wide Web.. the universe of network-accessible information, an embodiment of humanknowledge using standard protocols HTTP URI HTML Hypertext Transfer Protocol Uniform Resource Identifier HyperText Markup Language : the foundation of data : representations of the : the predominant markup communication for the Web resource over the Web language for web pages 20
  21. An essential concept Link .. a reference in a hypertext document to another document or other resource 21
  22. Links on the Web document document services services people people They are linked, but we do not know why these are linked. 22
  23. OverviewThe Semantic Web… facilitates machines to understand the semantics, or meaning, of information on theWorld Wide Web 23
  24. OverviewLinks on the Semantic Web… the relationships between things and the properties of things (like size, weight, ageand price) 24
  25. All data including documents, services, people ... DATA links DATAThe Semantic Web is not about links between web pages. 25
  26. A vocabulary onion, building on FOAF, SKOS, SIOC, SIOC Types, DC(Source: Breslin, 2007) 26
  27. Disconnected sites on the Social Web / Web 2.0 can be linked using Semantic Web vocabularies(Source: Breslin, 2007) 27 27
  28. DefinitionLinked Data … refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web using URIs, HTTP and RDF. Web of Data HTTP URI RDF Hypertext Transfer Protocol Uniform Resource Identifier Resource Description Framework : the foundation of data : representations of the : the standard markup language communication for the Web resource over the Web for the Semantic Web 28
  29. OverviewGrowth of Interlinks… Linked Data provides the means to reach the goal of the Semantic Web – “theemergence of a Web of Data” 2007-05-01 2007-10-08 2007-11-10 2008-02-28 2008-03-31 2008-09-18 2009-03-05 2009-03-27 2009-07-14 2010-09-22 29
  30. Structured Wikipedia Multimedia ContentDBpedia BBC Commercial Product Government DataBest Buy UK Gov October, 2011 30295 interlinked datasets, approximately 31 billions triples
  31. Quick GuidesLinked Data Ingredients 1. Things have names (a person, a city, a company) 2. Let these names start with http:// • then we can get more data about things using standard protocol • others can directly point to things in my dataset (and vice-versa) 3. Represent data (relations among things) as a labeled graph • do it by using a standard format (RDF) 31
  32. WhyLinked Data and Open Government Data 32
  33. Case StudiesApplications DBPedia BBC New York Times thedatahub 33
  34. Case StudiesLinked Government Data UK Data-Gov Wiki Code for America Data Market 34
  35. Reality CheckConcerned and Hurdles Loss of licensing revenue Loss of control Legal challenges Unwelcomed exposure Difficult Procedural changes Privacy National security Complexity Investment Quality and Authenticity Corruption, falsification of data Customer service Requires Authority, Public Administration Readiness, and Civic Interest and Readiness 35
  36. How to Start“We won‟t get there tomorrow, but maybe the day after” –Rufus Pollock Low-hanging fruit, Less conversational data and quick wins. Fireout Rebuild Expand, with more….. Data Services Efficiency Costs saving Transparency Participation Inclusion 36
  37. The Missing Blocks Korea e-GovernmentAccording to the UNs 2010 e-Government Readiness Index, Korea is No. 1 e-governmentinfrastructure. Best Practices - On-Nara Business Processing System - Online Civil Service (G4C) - Government Information Sharing System - Online Public Participation - Transparent e-Procurement Service - Efficient e-Customs Service - Easy and integrated Home Tax Service 2010 UN Global E-Government Survey - Information Network villagehttp://www.korea.go.kr/new_eng/main/index.do 37
  38. The Missing Blocks공유자원포털- Data.go.kr.. Good starting point, but simple and effective process should be needed. 38
  39. TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction Summary Open Government Data & Linked Data 39
  40. 5 plan for open government data ★ Put your data on the WebStars ★★ Make it available as machine readable ★★★ Use open, standard formats ★★★★ Use a open data format – URLs, descriptions ★★★★★ Link your data to other people‟s data 40
  41. SummaryOpen Data, Government Data, and the Semantic Web “Hope is not the best action”  Open Government Data is cost-effective tool for governments to improve service to citizens, civil society and business.  Government data with Linked Data technologies will interconnect different datasets across local governments, organizations, or nations with social communities.  Participation, participation, and participation. We need to design our future. 41
  42. SummaryConcluding Remarks Listen Communicate Participate 42
  43. For more informationcontact Haklae Kim viahaklae.kim@gmail.comTwitter: haklaekimOr read up on thesonagi blog at:http://blogweb.co.kr