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Demystifying to Build

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Slides from lecture to iSchool LIS 451 class, April 2017.

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Demystifying to Build

  1. 1. Hailley, in various states of librarianship
  2. 2. DEMYSTIFYING TO BUILD Technology, information literacy, communities, and libraries
  3. 3. “Demystify, v. To clarify; to reduce or remove bewilderment, irrationality, etc., in (a person) - OED
  4. 4. BUT FIRST, SOME THEORY ➤ Amartya Sen’s capability approach ➤ Humans will do the things they have reason to value and will go after goals that help their well-being ➤ Dorothea Kleine’s choice framework ➤ Pushes Sen’s approach to include the idea that people go after things if they sense the choice is available to them ➤ Bruce, Rubin, & An’s situated evaluation ➤ Innovations with technology emerge through use ➤ Virginia Eubanks’ popular technology ➤ Pushes back against “Digital Divide” narrative through participatory action research to see how tech influences all
  5. 5. SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION ➤ What is demystifying if it’s not tech-related? ➤ What questions might you have at this stage of the presentation?
  7. 7. “Demystifying is… ➤ Co-creation of innovations in use ➤ Fostering knowledge power ➤ Challenging exclusionary forces ➤ Advancing community agency - Community Ambassadors, Digital Literacy for ALL Learners
  8. 8. The Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center
  9. 9. ➤ Created a computer lab, together ➤ Worked to increase confidence through the demystifying process ➤ Taught digital literacy within the context of the Center
  10. 10. Digital Literacy in ACTION
  11. 11. Roblox
  12. 12. TODAY AT PENN STATE ➤ Regular old demystifying ➤ Mediascapes ➤ Databases systems From OCS+ Steelcase
  13. 13. COMMUNITY
  14. 14. “Demystifying is… ➤ Learning the context of the community ➤ Asking questions ➤ Listening to understand ➤ Placing community needs over your own
  15. 15. UNCC
  16. 16. Residence Hall Libraries at the University of Illinois
  17. 17. TODAY AT PENN STATE ➤ Getting to know library employees & general student body ➤ Reaching across departments for collaboration ➤ Consistency and presence are HUGE game changers ➤ What is it like to be at a Big 10 school? ➤ Explaining acronyms
  18. 18. RESEARCH
  19. 19. “Demystifying is… ➤ Pulling back the curtain of how “research” work ➤ Helping others expand their sense of choice ➤ Understanding the information context of your community ➤ Allowing community to enter your community of practice
  20. 20. LITTLE BITS AND LIBRARY INSTRUCTION RESEARCH PROCESS Design research questions Prototype: keywords, multiple searches, various databases Evaluate resources and ask yourself: how has my research question changed? From Nerdplaythings.com
  21. 21. COMING SOON? Collaborative tool to enhance engagement
  22. 22. A LITTLE MORE THEORY AND SOME THOUGHTS ➤ Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger’s situated learning ➤ Novices are participating in a community of practice with experts ➤ Experts help bring novices into the community ➤ Participation is a key element ➤ Expanding a student’s sense of choice (context is key) ➤ Reference is more than just an interview ➤ Conversation ➤ Both parties benefit from talking to each other
  24. 24. “ - Hailley’s daily thought process Demystifying is figuring out and trying to clarify what it means to be a community-focused academic librarian.
  25. 25. THE DAY-TO-DAY ➤ What does an evening reference model look like? ➤ Pearson’s three factors ➤ Encouraging interpersonal communication ➤ Expressing interdisciplinary ➤ Engaging in relationship building ➤ How do wage employees/staff handle reference questions? What does training look like? ➤ How to straddle working with staff, students, and colleagues (on a shifted schedule) while pushing change forward?
  26. 26. GROUP DISCUSSION ➤ What does demystifying mean to you after this presentation? ➤ How might this conversation impact your practice? ➤ What other questions do you have?
  27. 27. THANK YOU! hmf14@psu.edu @hailthefargoats