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Energy Medicine for Help line

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"Energy Medicine " By Dr Uday Shah

This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP,Health Education Library for People, the worlds Largest Free Patient Education Library www.healthlibrary.com.

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Energy Medicine for Help line

  1. 1. By Dr Uday Shah 9820867237 www.drudayshah.com Mail: drudayshah5@gmail.com
  2. 2. Energy  Potential Energy  Kinetic Energy  Soul Energy  Mind Energy  Emotional Energy  Chakra Energy  Body Energy  Aura Energy  Constructive  Destruction.
  3. 3. medicine  Visible-liquid, solid  Non visible  Man made-pharmacy  Nature made-five element.  Temporary  Permanent  Micro  Macro
  4. 4. Invisible energy medicine Faith, belief, trust Love, sympathy, compassion Knowledge Healing Forgiveness Belief Gratitude, thankful Honesty Openness
  5. 5. Invisible energy medicine  Blessing  Prayer  Surrender  Affirmation  Karma-action-lessons  Thought  Emotion, feelings, expression  Meditation
  6. 6. Invisible energy medicine Visualization Imagination Music Aroma Light Hug Silence Consciousness, awareness, alertness
  7. 7. Invisible energy medicine  Patience  Generosity  Kindness  Courage  Confidence  Intelligence  help
  8. 8. Invisible energy medicine  Concentration  Boldness  Admiration  Truth  Acceptance  Creativity  Smile, laughter  Breath
  9. 9. Truth  Relative truth-our belief.  Ultimate truth- universal truth.
  10. 10. Laws of energy  To every action, there is equal & opposite reaction.  Energy cannot be created, cannot be generated. But can be transformed from one form to another. Eg negative to positive energy.  Thoughts, words, emotions, dreams, visualization, sleep, food, environment etc has energy.
  11. 11. Law of transformation  Everything which is created can be transferred in cycle form.  Micro can be transferred to macro & macro can be transferred to micro.  Cycle of birth & death.  Water to ice, ice to water. Solid to liquid, liquid to gas & gas to solid.  Good things to bad & bad to good.
  12. 12. Law of creation Always focus on new creation. Old things restricts the energy. New things creates the energy. New creation is new commitment. Replace all those old things with new transformation.
  13. 13. Law of criticism  Criticism is restriction & break down of energy.  Criticism is negative frequency-beta.  It leads to jealousy, hatred, fear, insecurity, greed, ego, rivalry, sadness, grief, depression, anger, irritation etc. also physical ailments blood pressure, thyroid, asthma, etc.
  14. 14. Laws of abundance  Natures creation is abundance viz., earth, water, fire (sun), air, space (ether). Its unlimited, never ending, so is the energy generated by it.  It is created by god. We are also creation of god.  So we too are in “ABUNDANCE”.  Only lack is in our thoughts & action.
  15. 15. Law of prosperity  Prosperity means progress, which can happen only if you are focused on self realization & self development.  People who are concerned to others life, can never progress. Never bother about others status, their life, their qualification, life style, status, etc.  Energy should be in one direction with strong intension & intensity.  Prosperity should be with only soul purpose.
  16. 16. Laws of acceptance  What ever we did in past is reflected in present, if not changed or accepted will repeat in future.  Accept everything in life, through consciousness. Don’t blame anyone in life.  Take full responsibility of it.  Convert those negative thought, emotion, action, response etc into positive.  Give time for conversion. For consciousness to sub consciousness. Self realization.
  17. 17. Law of surrender  Once you accept the person, system, doctor, marriage, child birth, country, birth, therapy, situation etc, next is surrender.  Surrender should be done to accept our karmas & take responsibilities.  It should be total surrender.  Surrender means you trust god, guru, doctor, therapist, spouse, grant destiny etc.
  18. 18. Law of freedom We are born to make our soul free from all karmic baggage's. Every person need to learn their lesson on its own. Guide them, bless them, heal them, but Don’t interfere in others life. Give space, freedom to everyone, as its soul journey is different from our journey.
  19. 19. Law of free will  Any moment of life-death cycle, poor-rich cycle, sadness-happiness cycle, love-hatred cycle, karma-karma less cycle etc we have free will to come out of it.  This can happen only when we are in peace, love & wisdom.  This happens when we are consciously aware of all things, but not reacting to anything.  This can happen when we are following laws of karma-nature.
  20. 20. Energy during meditation
  21. 21. Let us start following Thanks & good luck!!! Dr Uday Shah 9820867237 www.drudayshah.com Mail: drudayshah5@gmail.com