Executive Summary Example
Executive Summary Example
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Executive Summary Example

  1. FITNESS ASSESSMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ClientName FrancesSmith AssessmentTrainer Joe Bloggs Branch/Date City– 24.10.14 Goals AgreedGoals: Primary goal:  Achieve andmaintainaregularexerciseroutine.Thiswill be measured by a monthlyadherence percentage,anythingabove 80% will translate to the goal beingsuccessfullymet.  Healthand wellbeing. Secondary Goal:  Run home fromwork2x a week.  Run a half marathonin Spring2014 Timeline:  Primary – Endof Novembertohave achieved80% adherence record.  Secondary – Runninghome fromwork – January 2015 - Half marathon– Spring2015 AgreedTraining Frequency:  2x a week Personal training.  2x a week30 minute run. Key ProgressIndicators:  Cardiovascularfitness –thiswill be measuredthroughaCV heart rate recoverytestandretestedeverymonth.  Adherence percentage - calculatedeverymonth. Statistics Weight:56kg BodyFat %: 28% This section is very clearly laid out, with essential Primary and Secondary goals outlined. The goals are simple and clear to track. The agreed training frequency clearly demonstrates that the client’s complete exercise programme is under control of the trainer- not just the sessions taking place at Matt Roberts. The type of exercise in each of the sessions is also outlined.
  2. RetestAgreement Monthlyretest RetestDate #1: 24.11.14 RetestDate #2: 19.12.14 RetestDate #3: 14.1.14 Suggested Alternative Trainers Hollie PhysioScreen? Food Diary? Yes Sent Additional Notes Francesyou scoredwell onyourFMS, youhad goodform inthe majorityof your movementswith exceptiontoyoursquatswhichneedsalittle workbut I’msure withsome technical guidance thiscanbe muchimproved. I thinkthe mainthingto focuson to start withisgettingthose 2 sessionsineach weekandyourrun at home aimingforat 30 minutes.Notonlywillthis automaticallycreate asteadyroutine and helptocreate goodhabitsbut will alsoenable youtosee the resultsyouwant both physicallyandholistically. To beginwithyoursessionswill be basedaroundbuildingyourtechnique onthe basicmovementsthatwill formthe foundationsof yourprogramme going forward,thismeansworking throughsquattechnique aswell asdeadlifts,press upsand othercompound movements.The sessionswill alsofocuson higherrepetition tri setsthat will aim togetyour heartrate up butat the same time still workonbuildmuscle strengthandendurance. Ina couple of weekswe will introduce some interval based workto reallydrive your cardiovascularfitnessforward. Withyour nutritionthe main thingI wouldlike toyoufocus on iscuttingout dietcoke and tryingto increase yourprotein intake at breakfast.Thismeanschangingfrombagelsetctoeggs,nuts,yogurt, and smokedsalmon(notall atonce!).We can discussdifferentoptionsinyour sessionstoworkoutwhat will be bestforyourschedule. The notes section is written in the first person as if talking to the client and has a positive tone. It references what happened in the Fit Test clearly, and how the trainer plans to work on important aspects highlighted in the assessment. This shows that the trainer has engaged with the client’s needs and understands how to steer the training in the right direction. It shows a confident plan of action!