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Evaluation 4

  1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Guy Pollard
  2. Final Cut Pro To compose our music video I had to use Final Cut Pro which is an editing software made by apple. In this programme you can find a wide range of features to enhance your video and compose it into a professional looking piece. The programme offers a range of filter, sounds and visuals effects which you can implement on your video. When I was creating our project I used filters to enhance the mood and the emotion of the video. I used dark filters to symbolise our characters depression. As well as the filters I used the highlight feature which allows the audience to see a particular aspect of the video if we are trying to get a message across. FCP was a useful programme which helped to create our music video in a professional manner as well as being able to give it a USP. Watch this video for a beginners tutorial on how to use FCP.
  3. Blogspot to display my portfolio I like many others taking the course have opted to use a blog account. This is a simple and very accessible way of showing your work. when you set up a page you are given a web link for your website, meaning you can share the link on any social media sites and hundreds of people will be able to see your work instantly. You can upload a wide range of documents onto the site such as photos, YouTube videos, presentation and word documents. However a lot of the time you will have to convert your work onto another online programme such as slide share for PowerPoints and Scribd for word documents. Having said this the pro far out way the cons as you are literally able to display your work in front of the whole world. further more it enables you to edit and upload your work from anywhere with an internet connection. There is even a mobile app allows you to upload your work with easy access.
  4. Social media Social media was a very important part of creating and promoting a project. We found that Facebook was the best place to show people our work because we already have a large existing fan base there. Furthermore we had people sharing our working so that more people would see it. This viral marketing is a very effective way of advertising with out spending any money. When we were creating the music video we also used Facebook as a team to communicate. This can be very useful for sharing the work load when we are working from different location. We also had different societies promoting our work while we were creating it. On twitter both Shiplake College and SportsAble were promoting the filming we were doing. This was a great opportunity for us to widen our audience. People who follow either Shiplake College or SportAble will be interested in seeing our work so it is important that we work in synergy with this societies well. The benefit to twitter is anyone in the world can see these posts if they just type in the right key words. This gives us the ability to get our video in front of potentially any audience we wanted.
  5. YouTube YouTube is the most popular video site in the world. This is simply because the ease of finding videos that you are interested in. As well as this anyone in the world can display their video in front of a world wide audience. using the web 2.0 is a very useful tool as new videos spread like viruses and independent video makers have the potential to get millions of views on one video. It is very easy for people to see your new videos. When you make an account your create a channel where all your work will be kept. You can gain follows who get notified whenever you post a new video. YouTube also allows people to comment on your videos for feedback and enables you to put comments on your own video, so you can talk people through the theory.
  6. Digipak
  7. Google forms, Slideshare and Prezi It was important that we gather different opinions from a wide range of diverse people. Google forms was an easy way for us to get feedback for specific questions. Anyone in the world can answer this which means a wide range of opinions and ideas. When we get our feedback we can then document it and put it into charts so it is easy to display. Slideshare was an easy way to upload our PowerPoint to the Web 2.0. this site allowed us to display our analysis work in front of our audience as well as sharing on our blogs. Prezi in a new way of displaying your presentation and has a lot of unique features to keep your audience interested. Furthermore because it runs on the internet it means you can edit it from any device and you can directly display it in front of your audience. However Prezi can be quite hard to edit on sometimes which can make it difficult to include a lot of information.
  8. GoProFor our film we wanted to get a lot of mechanical shots of the wheelchair which highlighted the rawness of wheelchair basketball. For this we needed a mounted camera and one that could take a beating in the sport. The obvious option was to use a GoPro. These a sports cameras which are very versatile and have a high definition wide angle lens which is perfect for capturing any sport. As well as the 1440p film the camera also has a wide range of mounts so that the camera can fit onto anything you desire. We used the GoPro in both the town scene and the wheelchair basketball match. For the majority of the shots we used the bar clamp which could easily be attached to the wheelchair. We also used hand controlled, chest mount and head mounts. This allowed up to get a wide variety of unique shots. The GoPro could also be controlled remotely through the GoPro app. This was useful because you could see what the camera was shooting and could editing and change the setting at the click of the button.
  9. Canon EOS 1200D and Tripod For shooting of the music video we needed a high quality camera which was able to out line a lot of the colours both in the video and the Digipak. The 18 megapixel camera was a light and powerful camera which could be easily set up to configure with the tripod. With these to items set up in perfect synergy you could get steady and professional sweeping shots when filming the slow build up scenes. The camera was light enough to mean that we could get action moving shots of the basket ball match. We used a 55mm lens for the digipack shots and the town sequences. This gave us a natural looking shot which helped the audience believe the story. For a lot of the basketball sequences we used 150mm lens this allowed use to get cinematic looking shots where the video would actually be an impressive sequence to watch. This meant we could be positioned outside of the game and make it look like that we were amongst the action.